1) London is massive, so much so, it makes any other city seem miniscule. Going to 'town' you say? In London there is no town - Oxford Circus, Shoreditch, Chelsea? In Liverpool, town may mean the city centre but here there is so much to do and see, for some it can seem overwhelming but with such vastness you can never be bored.


It has been awhile since I opened blogger with the intent to publish a post. Perhaps four months is the longest I have been absent for, and yet it feels like less than such. While I have certainly lacked in quantity of posts since my starting at University - something which indeed does hinder my strength to post - there has been another, unrelated factor which has left me feeling negative towards my blog; its name. And so, a change was needed.


Out of all of the places I have explored thus far in London, Carnaby Street is a firm favourite. The lights, the shops, the food and the cocktails make for a bustling piece of Central London that I keep coming back to, fondly. It certainly is a special place but then again, in my eyes, as is London as a whole. Many often say you either love London or hate it, while others seem to be stuck between a perpetual state of the two for the entirety of their time in the city. I can see why, a city packed full of rushing commuters and slow tourists can seem draining - it never stops. Prices are at a premium (but mainly only for rent and drinks, I've found) and nights out can be a fiddly mess of long tube journeys, overpriced entry and early closures (nothing on a Northern night out, mind) but there are gems to be found along the hunt.


It seems odd that my last post of 2016 (and the first in nearly 2 months) is of wishlist form but, as this unbelievable year draws to a close, all I need is some retail therapy and about 10 shots of Sambuca.
Perhaps I would quite like the latter more than anything right now but hey, some new jeans would be nice too.