Year 11 Prom

On Friday I had my Year 11 prom. It was such an amazing night, everyone at prom looked so amazing with their dresses on and their hair and makeup done - of course that's just the girls but the boys looked so smart in their suits. Everyone looked so much older, in a good way of course.
From 12pm on the day of prom I had my hair, makeup and nails done, it's the most effort i've gone to for anything! It was all worth it though, prom was so much worthwhile than i thought it would be and now i'm wishing i could do the night all over again!
Prom lasted until around 12am, after that it was back to my friends house to get ready for after prom. I decided to ditch my nude 6 inch heels at this point as my feet were in a state of agony after traipsing round in them for 6 hours albeit i have to note they were comfier than i thought they would be.
After prom was just an enjoyable as prom, i ended up going to two parties and this resulted in me not getting home until gone 6am, yes really. All of this included dragging myself on a long walk (along with friends of course) to get food at 4am in the morning, leaving a house when it is dark and returning when the sun has risen is a weird feeling, especially when no one is around.
It sounds so corny but honestly it is a night that i will never forget.
Anyway enough of me rambling on, I thought i would include some pictures from the night in this post.

Before Prom
|Dress - Oasis|Clutch - Oasis|Bracelet - ASOS|

My friends and I before prom, both of their dress are from coast.

Friends and I at prom

More prom yaaaaaaaaay

Table time

and moreee

Prom yes

Blowing bubbles

Lastly, my after prom dress
|Dress - ASOS|

Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry for the amount of pictures, I just loved this night so much. Also although you can't see on any of the pictures, I was wearing nude and gold heels from the Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins.


  1. Looking beautiful! Sounds better than our year's prom aha


    1. Aw thanks Allie! Aw how come?x

  2. pretty :)