Purple Haze | Make up Look

I have to admit, I don't wear eyeshadow all that often, I'd say I only apply eyeshadow two or three times each month - I know, that's hardly ever. The reason for that is, essentially I don't feel the need to go to the fuss of spending countless minutes pondering over the many choices a palette has to offer, only to side with my trusty MAC quad with which i know will go forth and create the same variations of a look that I have in the past ended up with numerous times. Not that this fate bothers me - I personally like the neutral, bronzed look that seems to coat my eyelids once in a blue moon; however, occasionally - the day that these pictures were taken being an example - I like to wander to the more colourful hues that my Rainbow Eyes Front Cover pallete has at hand, or rather, box.

For this look which I have decided to appropriately name 'Purple Haze' was the result of myself having too much time on my hands while getting ready for a party. For the party I wore a white lace playsuit so, I had decided in an advance that I wanted to incorporate a bit of colour into the outfit through the make up on my face, specifically my eyes. 
To start off the base of this look, I used a light mixture of the eye shadows in my MAC quad, (Of course I had to put it into play in some way! I am too loyal.) I mainly applied this to the inner corner of my eyes and then to the crease of my eyelids. After that, I browsed my Front Cover palette and decided upon a pretty, shimmering pink/lilac colour called 'Viola' to apply to my eyelids as the main colour for the look. I applied this colour heavy to my eyelids, building it up gradually towards the outer corners of my eyes. I also lightly dusted 'Viola' under the waterline of my eyes to make the colour more prominent so it stood out even more.
To finish this make up look I applied my Sleek kohl eyeliner pencil onto the waterline of my eyes and then I took my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish Devotion to coat my lips, with it being in a pink hue this adds to the presence of colour in this look, therefore it finishes it all off collectively.