*Blossom Belle Beauty - Necklaces and Hair Pieces

About two weeks ago I received a lovely package from Blossom Belle Beauty which I won via a twitter giveaway. When the box arrived, it was all lovely and wrapped in brown paper with a string to secure it, it looked so wonderful, I almost didn't want to open it!

The vintage theme that began with the packaging continued throughout the contents of this lovely package. I found the delicate name tags and little fabric pouches such an adorable addition to the items. The packing of this box was so adorable. I'm pretty sure that these name tags were handwritten and I love that, it gives such a lovely authentic feel to each of the items.

As you can see there is a wide assortment of items inside of this box, that excited me so much, I love the idea of a box being full of surprises! Amongst the wrapping paper were multiple patterned hair bows that remind me of something that Ariana Grande would wear. My favourite out of the three would definitely have to be the large black and white polka-dot bow.

As an extra to the hair bows, there were two lovely white flower hair pieces that I assume you wrap around a hair clip or a bobble, that is what I will be doing anyway. 
I think that these flower pieces are my favourite of the entire box, I have always loved the look of people wearing flower crowns and such.

There were three gorgeous necklaces within the package. They all look so delicate and definitely have a vintage essence about them. All of the necklaces are such good quality too.
 As soon as I laid eyes on each of the necklaces I knew that they are something that 2009, 12 year old me would have LOVED. Not that by this i'm saying that as myself now I don't like them, I do, but I know that I would have treasured them all the more back then.
This particular necklace is appropriately named 'Age of the birdcage'. I love how it has two pearls that are free to move around within the birdcage.

The second necklace continues with the vintage esque look, named 'Floral beginnings. This is my favourite out of the necklaces, I've always been drawn to anything with a flower on it. I've been loving yellow lately too.

The last of the lot is another vintage looking necklace named 'Free as a bird'. I love the pearl detail on this necklace, it adds something more to the necklace. Overall it's a lovely, lovely piece.

This box is titled the 'Blossom Box' and you get £30 worth of items for half the price at £15! You can buy one at their online store Blossom Belle Beauty.


  1. The bows are so cute, I love the polka dot one!

    Hannah x

  2. Awh, everything is so lovely! I especially love the hair bows :3


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  4. Wow what a great little box!! I love that birdcage necklace!!



  5. I love the look of these! :)


  6. This is adorable, love the bird cage :D

    Ruth x


  7. Such cute accessories ! Love it !

    Love your blog & the style

  8. This is such a great idea! I love it and I love all the bows!

    Stephanie Dong Fashion +