Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Review

I've got a confession to make, a crime under the eyes of the beauty bloggers... The long days before I wandered into good old boots to make a purchase of the wondrous Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - I had been using make up wipes to take my make up off. AH. There I said it, shocking isn't it? Just PLEASE know I am a good person and should not be punished for this sick act of carelessness. 

Before you all start to worry about the well being of my skin, I should inform you that it's alright - I have been converted. So you can all put your ten page speeches about the horrors of face wipes down - I will not be going back to the dark days of bad skincare.

I actually loved the Garnier cleansing water so much I decided it was worthy of a review.

There are many reasons as to why I love this product - the first thing is the price. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water retails for £4.99 - which by itself I think is definitely reasonable for the product but right now at Boots - it's currently on offer for £3.33 which is such a good price so, you should snap yourself up a saving now while you can.

As you can tell from the pictures, the cleansing water takes off makeup effortlessly. All you need is a few drops on a cotton pad, taking a gentle swiping motion to your face and your makeup will come off without a fuss. It wipes off all kinds of makeup including foundation and the ever so stubborn eyeliner. I have even been using it to tackle the hard task of removing mascara and it seems to be doing that job effectively too.

One thing I love about this product is that you can use it on all areas of your face including your eyes and lips. The formula is not harsh in the slightest and you can tell when applying it to your face, it doesn't feel like a makeup remover - it simply feels like water.

Overall, the amount of product you get is really good when compared with similar cleansing waters such as Bioderma. In my opinion, you get value for your money. The quality of the product is really good, it does most things, if not everything it claims to do and that seems to be a rarity with products - especially skincare - nowadays. I think the packaging of this product is great - the bottle top allows product to come out easily without spillage so no product is wasted.

The only con I can find with this product if I had to be picky is the claim that it will last for up to 200 uses, I think that's a bit of a far stretch. This is unreliable though as it would depend from person to person but for someone who takes off makeup at least 6 days out of the 7 in a week and uses more than one cotton pad per use, I highly doubt that one bottle of this cleansing water would last me for 200 uses.

If I had to rate this product out of ten I would honestly give it a 9/10.


  1. I've seen this product everywhere recently and I think it's worth its hype

  2. Totally agree with your review! I've been using this a lot recently too and love how effortless it makes removing make-up :)

    Millie x

  3. this looks like an amazing makeup remover - gotta check this out next time when I'm at the store!

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    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  4. great review, a lot of people seem to like it. ive been seeing it a lot on recent blog post. really need to check if they have it here in the states.

  5. It seems to be a great product, I'll have to try it! Great review!

  6. I've been using Bioderma and think it's quite dear, so would definitely give this a go <3

  7. This is one of my favourite things at the moment,don't know what I would do without it! xxx

  8. ah I have just converted from make up wipes to this amazinggg product. I love it, it literally leaves my skin so fresh! Great review!