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Typical me. A wishlist. If you were me, you'd know that I have a constant mental wishlist that grows in continuous loop each time I visit an online store. It's a habit, a compulsion - but not one I am willing to break.

I've noticed my style has been evolving recently thus resulting in a MAJOR need for a complete wardrobe revamp (which of course isn't practical for a teenager without a job) SIGH. So I can window shop I guess... and gradually purchase the pieces that I dream will eventually take me further to the feeling of complete wardrobe happiness and NOT wardrobe meltdown.  

The pieces I am lusting after most on this wishlist are the ASOS reclaimed vintage dress - the cut of this dress is just so different and I adore the print; I've had a bit of a thing for vintage items recently. I also really love the bejewelled denim skirt from Topshop, it's not something I would typically have liked in previous years with it's encrusted jewels but now, they're what attracted me to the item, weird. Oh and I seem to be fond of gingham, don't I? Apparently so according to this wishlist.


  1. Definitely need that blue gingham dress, it's gorgeous!
    Tiana x

  2. Oooo I loveee the jewelled Topshop skirt, how pretty is that! My style has evolved a lot recently as well, but there's still resemblances from when I was like 16! (I'm 20 now haha)

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Oh wow how gorgeous, I am still obsessing over florals and pastels xxx

  4. hahah love the title and the items you picked!

    Emma from http://www.masqueradebelle.co.uk