Another day, another roll neck - I'm not addicted, honest, I just have a penchant for that high neck feel - the simultaneous warmth and sartorial satisfaction that it does so provide. This time, the current collar of glory comes in the form of a cable-knit. The jumper in question is in-fact, last years treasure,  only newly rediscovered by myself in the early hours of some morning in the trove of my muddled wardrobe. And so, a new lease of life has been laid unto this polo knit, with its winter appropriate thickness and generous turtleneck it feasibly doubles as a thermal scarf, and much to my delight you can expect, when mode and comfort meet it is certainly something to be enjoyed; often I am inclined to choose style over comfort as, in all honesty I find a good outfit brings with it a comfort and confidence of its own kind that cannot be matched with practicality. 

If you haven't noticed (refer to recent outfit posts of late) the patent boots of dreams have been etched to my feet ever since point of purchase. As their beauty forgives the pain they induce, the appeal of the shine compelled me to make an akin buy - enabled by the persuading tiles of @asos_becky's instagram - a swift sweep of ASOS later and this Monki square box of dreams is now also, mine. A patent match made in heaven, perhaps? Now, to just add the fluff.

Wearing: Coat - Charity Shop | Roll Neck Jumper - ASOS | Jeans - Topshop via Depop | Belt (Taken from a skirt) - Topshop | Patent Boots - Zara | Bag - ASOS |


I braved the numbing gusts of wind on two separate occasions to capture this burgundy and blue themed outfit - hence the slight change in hosiery denier among the pictures, not that either had much thermal effect I may add. Although windswept, with such rich colours in play - the velour ensemble still stood bold and aired a slight hint of festivity, it is the season after all. 

Admittedly, I am not one who identifies with the allure of jumpers, with only a small number currently hauled in my ownership - I often perceive them as bulky, frumpy even and thus, tough to style in such a way which evades the ordinary - knitwear is knitwear and that is that. Layering is often not an option, after all by its very nature a jumper often possess a hefty weight of thickness of its own - add to such coating (before considering a coat mind) and you may very well sweat to death, something which is not at the essence of winter, and rather contradictory of the cold you are aiming to shield against. However, since developing a penchant for a certain knitwear kind of Bella Freud design (Pandora Sykes is to thanks for such fleeting lust) the jumper allure has sparked in size, and whilst I can currently only dream of owning a Bella Freud original, when I spotted this ASOS sweater of akin form - with it's unusual yet fitting colour scheme and high neck attribute, I could not resist. Although etched with the '1970' slogan (Bella Freud inspired, of course) I paired the striking off-blue knit with a 60s inspired corduroy skirt of matching tone, combining the two eras I adore currently.  

Wearing: Jumper - ASOS | Skirt - Mango via ASOS | Boots - Zara | Bag - Primark | Pom Pom - Primark |


Currently, inspiration is rife - with everything from citrus tones and space to decorative tiles serving as stimulus, there is no doubt that my coveting list has never been more alive and abundant. Rich tones and the cropped flare - add frayed ends and the lust reigns more so - is the current uniform in which I shall abide, roll necks and denim are also compulsory to said attire. 

Although the 70s revival is still hot on my fingertips - Almost Famous's Penny Lane delivers faux fur outfit heaven for all - era of the moment transpires as the 60s. Patent surfaces, a-line skirts and reminiscent patterns are all but a wardrobe dream - turn to Zara or Topshop for your high street serving or alternatively, delve into the wonders of vintage for unique treasures, Depop and Ebay are your online haunts. 

Only continual fashion inspo emitter Alexa Chung could induce feelings of fondness towards an outfit which in part features a hat - typically I feel indifferent when faced with said head accessory and such is due to the unfortunate truth that is hats, in general, just do not flatter me at all - whether it be in Summer or Winter, this fact doesn't change by season and I am not for want of trying. Pandora Sykes takes form as the recurring outfit inspirer in my mind - her striking yet effortless ensembles propel a more innovative layering scheme on my part; but it is not just her styling which strikes me, her role as a fashion journalist inspires too. Pandora's writing style is one that I seriously enjoy - take to her blog or pick up The Sunday Times Style Magazine, for which she is Fashion Features Editor, to read her musings and laugh along the way too. 

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Cropped, pleated, flared and high-waisted - all attributes of a certain pair of jeans that I so deeply desired after spotting them on the Topshop sale, the place in which they mysteriously disappeared and my wish to own the allusive cropped flare was laid to rest - lost and gone forever I so feared. This great loss left me longing for that perfect cropped flare and such led me on a desperate scour to the depths of Ebay and Depop - and the latter yielded triumphant treasure. Perfect sizing and a perfect fit - although bought for more than said sale price of Topshop measure, I say that without regret - with these cropped flares in my possession, I feel one step closer to complete wardrobe appease.

The high-waisted flares of dreams are met by a fine pairing in the form of a brightly toned shirt of vintage kind - its geometric pattern is an eye-catching one at that, unusual for sure and emits slight vibes of 60's futuristic kind. Armed with the evidently 60s siren patent ankle boots - the current loves of my life (although somewhat painful, but their beauty forgives for such affliction) - and the roll neck staple of the season, there you have my current favourite outfit - one which I am sure will be repeated in many variations in the coming months - equipped with a heavy frost-safe jacket no doubt.

Wearing: Roll Neck - Primark | Shirt - The Vintage Corner | Jeans - Topshop via Depop | Boots - Zara | Bag - Primark | Pom Pom - Primark |


As far as the shoe game goes this Autumn/Winter - aside from the patent ankle boot - there is one certain style of leg attire that has bounced back onto the fashion radar this season which I am particularly fond of, the Mary Jane (and not for reasons that said style partially includes my name, albeit minus the y - nearly made for me perhaps?). In terms of the strapped shoe, no one designs a better mid-heel better than Miuccia Prada - for both Prada and personally favoured sister label Miu Miu.

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The appeal of the Mary Jane shoe is easy to target, with its reminiscent allure of the 60s and classic design it is no wonder the iconic shoe has rebounded - although the wearability of said mid-heel shoe is timeless, such does not render it ordinary. In fact, it is undeniable that with the Mary Jane springs originality, with each designer from Miu Miu to Gianvito Rossi, and even the high street offering - serving as evidence that the Mary Jane has been rejuvenated, and with each style comes diversity. My favourite of the batch has to be of Miu Miu offering with its unmistakeable retro stamp, the red primrose print pair of Mary Janes are standout with a childlike factor. 

With such a strong shoe game this Autumn/Winter it is obvious that the Mary Jane shoe is anything but 'plain Jane' and ordinary, and coming from a fellow Jayne myself, I can second that fact - take the Mary Jane for day or evening-wear as the style shares the common attributes of versatile and classic, yet its modern counterparts are something to be marvelled at - glitter, floral or patent - take your pick.