So this was the year I decided to attend my first festival, said festival happened to be T in the park. While it was amazing, far better than I had pictured it to be and I had such a good time, let me tell you the journey home was HORRIFIC. Heard about the insane queues to get out of the festival? Well they were no joke - a 5 hour queue for a bus and a missed train later, I got home after no less than a 13 hour journey - tiring isn't the word.

All that aside, I attended the festival volunteering for a company called Festaff, due to this I was contracted to work 16 hours (of which I ended up only working 10, YES) in a role which required me to wristband those entering the festival - a job which actually turned out to be quite enjoyable, never underestimate the festival spirit that will not be hindered by any bag or queue, no matter how heavy or long! In return for working the festival I got to attend for free and set up camp on the staff campsite (can I say free showers and flushing toilets? RESULT). For someone who had never been camping before (yes you did read that right) five nights in a tent went surprisingly well - three showers and many rested sleeps later and I may have been converted to a seasoned camper... well, almost at least.  For this reason, I would entirely recommend doing the same if you're short of cash - did I mention free food on shifts too - I mean, what's not to love? Everyone, including the staff were so lovely and due to the placement of my shifts I did not miss one act I had planned to see - NOT ONE - I think it was a win win all around and something I would definitely do again. 

Highlights of the festival would have to be Catfish and the Bottlemen who were no short of amazing, The Vaccines, The Wombats, Kasabian, Avicii, Oliver Heldens (something I was completely NOT expecting) and the few last songs I caught of Marina and the Diamonds. Although the drink prices were fairly extortionate, a stand out for me would have to be the Cocktail Cocktail bar or tent or hut or however you would describe it - just picture a packed club but outdoors and muddy with the dress-code of wellies and waterproofs, nonetheless it never failed to provide a good time (and their mojitos were an alcoholic life saver to my sugar-deprived self - a £7 one at that).


  1. This sounds amazing! Would love to get involved in something like this one year!


  2. Love your festival style! I'm not sure why, but you remind me so much of Ashley Olsen! You're so lucky that you got to see The Vaccines and Marina & The Diamonds! Marina was my absolute idol through my young teen years! Sounds like you had a great time x


  3. ahhh it all sounds so exciting! except for the whole journey back home of course. so cool that you got to experience it all for free, i def have to do something like that soon!!!


  4. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me - especially the clean showers and toilets bit! You're so lucky you got to see all your favourite acts too. I went to T for the first time this year too and loved it so much! Have a look at my post on it if you fancy :) Oh and I thought waiting over an hour for a bus was bad but 5 hours is horrendous! It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't absolutely freezing and work the next day! I can't imagine T being held at Strathalan again! x


  5. I've never even though of working a festival, sounds fab! Not jealous of your treck home though! Love your photos :)

    Made In The 1990's.

  6. So lucky you got to go there !



  7. OMG amazing I have thought about working at them before but thought it might be a drag, I am totally up for now sounds like such a good idea!! xxx

  8. Such lovely photos and sounds like you had a great time, I never knew working the festival could be so fun! x