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Another season done and yet another year spend trawling through my instagram feed filled with catwalk collections and eagerly flitting through - this year the FROW jealously was particularly high, but I think this at least - this time next year I shall be living in London and with it, that thought makes the runway envy just that little bit more bearable - I'll be one step closer if anything. 

The standout show for me this season would have to be Jonathan Saunders, his SS16 collection rates highly with me - I just love the collective of patterns and colours, yet there was no mismatching involved - the palette of reds, greens and blues flowed in a fluid, bold swish of fabric. Seemliness are simple yes, but layered collectively - with a little tie-up attire that leaves them looking anything but ordinary. With Saunders citing the 'wonderful' flavour of 'our multi-culture' as an influence for his vibrant spring/summer collection, it's clear to see where this stimulation wandered - and such engendered a striking collection.

Holly Fulton, a show which ensued a welcomed nod to the sixties in terms of vibrancy of prints and colour while embroidered bell bottoms paid tribute to the much revived seventies - a decade pairing which I am certainly in favour of. Structured and punctual silhouettes paved the way for powerful - yet appropriate - stretches of colour all the while allowing frills and flower patterns in abundance to captivate the catwalk in one neat, functional configuration.

Elsewhere frills and swatches of colour cascaded the catwalks at both Toga and Peter Pilotto, being one not able to resist a look consisting of many disparate yet congruent components which, en masse form attire which is seemingly fluid in itself - Toga had me covered.  Practical yet polished with a ruffled flair was the mood set by the Peter Pilotto duo and such was manifested through a cool colour palette consisting of relaxed whites, blues and tones of the citrus kind. With just the right amount of detail shown through a swatch of blue or yellow alike, akin to the almost mathematical pattern schemes running throughout the collection - the Pilotto brothers achieved a display which felt almost grecian in tendency yet, the structured silhouettes formed a more modern, pointed approach.


  1. Such nice picks! We loved the aesthetic of the new Topshop collection, all of the clothes we gorgeous :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. I actually always love seeing the topshop unique collection! I am so behind with fashion week this season I need to have a huge catch up xxx

  3. Great post and picks, I love seeing other peoples high-lights i think it really gives a sense of style and feel for the person and the way you talk about each collection is beautiful x

    Dana || Fashion Dew