Elongated sleeves may be just a slight alteration to a top or blouse solely but what a difference such makes to the overall appeal of an ensemble, and intrigue. Sleeves have been in prime focus of late, firstly with the the 70s revival of last summer - fluted sleeves in all their glory graced garments in abundance and said trend seems not only to have stuck around, but evolved further. Now, sleeves are not only in wide frilled form as SS16 and more recently, AW16 catwalks saw the conception of the oversized arm but not in a sense that is bulky or of ill-fitting manner, instead it is of a structurally statement standard and certainly not a fault. While a longer sleeve is certainly a visual delight, it could be seen as slightly impractical but I myself not being one to shy away from an item for its comfort level - I appreciate the statement sleeve in all of its glory, that and its hand-warming attribute in the chilling mornings. 

While I do discount its fumbling practicality and herald it's warming advantages, I am much more in favour of the sleeves sartorial standings - not only is a longer sleeve an interesting extension to one particular item in itself but when layered with a shining bomber of contrasting colour, a peaking of sleeve underneath such is a wonderful accoutrement to utilise. I am certainly all for employing that all important layering technique in any outfit - but add a statement sleeve to an ensemble and a depth is created even more so, especially when said sleeve is of an usual pattern of delight, but Zara is to thank for that one. 

Wearing: Roll Neck (Worn under jumper) - Primark | Patterned Jumper - Zara | Jeans - ASOS | Bomber Jacket - H&M | Boots - Zara | Belt - ASOS | Bag - Monki via ASOS | Pom Pom (on bag) - Primark |


  1. Love your retro vibe... and your make up looks flawless!

  2. Love your commentary on how sleeves transform an outfit, and your makeup looks gorgeous! would love some close up pics in an upcoming post :) xx

  3. Love the look, amazing taste and love the way you have styled it all.

  4. that bomberjacket is sooo beautiful :) you've styled it perfectly :)

    x Lilli |

  5. This outfit is absolutely stunning and I am so happy to see the 70s revival trend make it's way into summer this year too! Such a great period for fashion.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  6. I love your jumper, the sleeves look awesome layered under the bomber jacket sleeves. Really love the jacket too, the colour is fab.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. Black & white pompom is looks supercute!!:)


  8. Love this outfit !

  9. Obsessed with this outfit. Your style is amazing!