The month of May is soon ending and be it so that June is less than an a week away, and with that - so is my 19th birthday - a year gone already in official adulthood? It cannot be but, somehow it is. There are currently too many things that I cannot fathom to be truth and while I feel that I may possibly utter this comment every single year before September comes around, I truly do mean it in full, horrifying effect this time: this year has gone SO quickly. It was only today in fact that I picked up a copy of The Sunday Times Style magazine off of my bedroom floor, a particular copy that I had only sworn I had placed just two if not several weeks previous on the same spot with due intent to read yet, to my horror while examining the Donatella-clad cover did I discover the date: 21st February 2016. 3 MONTHS AGO. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Weekly magazines, I've found, have of sudden become a constant, jolting reminder of the fleeting speed that a 7 day week does pass by and, especially so when only to be broken up by retail shifts and weekend drinks. September will soon, indeed be here and so will my move to London paired with the start of university, both of which are equally scary thoughts - a new development I may add, it is strange contradiction to be had that although in overview, I feel that time has slipped by without much notice, I have had copious time to stop and think and therefore worry and worry some more about the now not so distant future and the uncertainty it entails. But it will be fun right? Time will only tell.


There is just something so effortless about the cami top - a special, seductive quality that is also very synonymous with its sister slip dress which renders the entire 90s attire eternally appealing and, especially so when cherry-picked by the eternally alluring Alexa Chung. Although, it is important to point out that while this particular cami top certainly embodies the light essence of 90s Kate Moss perfection - the Hattie cami - as named by Chung as part of her Archive by Alexa collaboration with M&S, was in fact inspired by an underdress slip from the 1950s. While the 50s is admittedly a decade that I am not fond of at all in fashion terms - puffy skirts, polka dots and the sweat-heart neckline are all characteristic of the decade and are certainly ensemble counterparts that never cross my sartorial radar - yet, the surprisingly pared back, lingerie inspired feel that the strappy cami in question emits is certainly a vibe that I am all for, especially when served in delicate, ivory-laced following form (and note, said unstructured flowing is wonderfully delicate yes, but does something for your boobs it does not). Alexa, you have done good, yet again.


My cropped flare love affair - if you will - is an undoubtedly reoccurring and very nearly, consist theme of this blog. It is most certainly distinct in the array of personal style posts featured - although varied in their denim they are not. The prominent re-wear of my favourite pair of jeans (The Topshop crop flare of dreams, to be exact) is in true, Lizzie McGuire 'You are an outfit repeater' form and, unapologetically so. But, should we, or rather, I, feel bad about rotating, or rather, downright re-wearing our clothing, especially when autonomously documenting such though the notoriety that is a fashion blog? Of course not but such open, honest reaction has not stopped myself from feeling guilty about my revolving jeans wear but instead, it has evoked a feeling that my clothing choices are rather worn-out and well, boring.


Officially called the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit or rather, the Met Gala, as what it is more commonly known as, once again took place on the first Monday in May, last night in New York. Although the purpose of the event is to raise money for the Met's Costume Institute, it is largely seen as a major fashion event - and with Anna Wintour as chairman of the Gala, there is no surprise that it is treated as such - this year however, it was an affair to say the least. The theme in question, was as usual, based around the opening of the Costume Institute's exhibit which this year is: Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. As always, although it is not compulsory, many incorporated the featured idea into their Met Gala looks which made for some interesting and certainly strange outfits to say the least but of course, there were also many that the theme was lost on.