It seems odd that my last post of 2016 (and the first in nearly 2 months) is of wishlist form but, as this unbelievable year draws to a close, all I need is some retail therapy and about 10 shots of Sambuca.
Perhaps I would quite like the latter more than anything right now but hey, some new jeans would be nice too.

On a more serious note, while 2016 has been quite the shocker in the grand scheme of things, on a personal level, it has probably been the best year I have ever experienced. Starting university at London College of Fashion and moving to London are two big events that I had anticipated for years and now, they have finally happened and I am surviving it - not only that, but I feel as if I am thriving in a way I never have before. It feels good to grow beyond the life I have lived for the past 18 years of my life and I cannot wait for the freshness that a new year will bring. I have never before anticipated the start of a new year quite like I am the onset of 2017.

And, in the aftermath of the boxing day sales - an event which I found rather underwhelming compared to last year's glory - matched with the new start of the coming January, new clothes are on my mind. Topshop and Zara are my usual haunts and usually, they churn out the best of the sales. This year, however, while there where a few gems to be found, nothing has particularly grabbed my attention and lured me in, or had me itching to click the checkout button. 

What I want is simple: new jeans, first and foremost - skinny, 501s, crop-flare and fringed but what 2016 has proven is that good jeans are hard to find and especially, a fit that flatters in all manners. Tops: silk/satin, flowly, simple and the standout - particularly the form of an Extra Terrestrial t-shirt of Ashley Williams design, a label I have come to love recently and one that is refreshingly attainable too, in student terms (if I save, perhaps and stop spending all of my money on UberEATS when I'm hungover and cannot possibly heave my broken body out of bed to make anything that resembles food, that is). 

Jewellery is a yearning I never anticipated myself to have. I have not been one to pile on the rings or necklaces for that matter (unless it's a choker) or to want to, even. But, this year I have discovered a new-found appreciation for good, statement jewellery and what it can do it elevate an outfit. I am particularly fond of the moon face ring designed by Polly Collins, the design boasts an alluringly unusual charm. Such is all I want in an item - whether it be clothing or the aforementioned - in 2016 one thing I have learnt is to not make a purchase unless absolutely in love, otherwise it will be wasted.  Clothing should be chosen wisely and consciously, if you can forget about it - then forget about it.

Happy New Year!

| 1 - Zara Embroidered Skirt | 2 - H&M Strappy Top | 3 - Topshop Sandal Heels | 4 - Topshop Flared Sequin Top  | 5 - Topshop Tinsel Shoes | 6 - Mango Faux Fur Jacket | 7 - Moon Face Ring | 8 - Ashley Williams Extra Tshirt | 9 - Topshop Vinyl Jeans | 10 - Topshop Ring Zip Jean | 11 -  Mango Clips Earrings | 12 - STYLENANDA Leather Biker Jacket | 13 - Reformation James Dress |  


  1. Happy new year and good luck for the one ahead! Love all this stuff you've put together - especially topshop's vinyl torusers and that lovely purple cami
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  2. Happy New Year! I love your picks, and completely agree. The sales this year was underwhelming. I was kind of let down. I really was looking for some big deals. Oh well! Loving your post today. Best wishes at school. Xo, Ellese