Out of all of the places I have explored thus far in London, Carnaby Street is a firm favourite. The lights, the shops, the food and the cocktails make for a bustling piece of Central London that I keep coming back to, fondly. It certainly is a special place but then again, in my eyes, as is London as a whole. Many often say you either love London or hate it, while others seem to be stuck between a perpetual state of the two for the entirety of their time in the city. I can see why, a city packed full of rushing commuters and slow tourists can seem draining - it never stops. Prices are at a premium (but mainly only for rent and drinks, I've found) and nights out can be a fiddly mess of long tube journeys, overpriced entry and early closures (nothing on a Northern night out, mind) but there are gems to be found along the hunt.