Out of all of the places I have explored thus far in London, Carnaby Street is a firm favourite. The lights, the shops, the food and the cocktails make for a bustling piece of Central London that I keep coming back to, fondly. It certainly is a special place but then again, in my eyes, as is London as a whole. Many often say you either love London or hate it, while others seem to be stuck between a perpetual state of the two for the entirety of their time in the city. I can see why, a city packed full of rushing commuters and slow tourists can seem draining - it never stops. Prices are at a premium (but mainly only for rent and drinks, I've found) and nights out can be a fiddly mess of long tube journeys, overpriced entry and early closures (nothing on a Northern night out, mind) but there are gems to be found along the hunt.

Although London nightlife boasts a treacherous, few and far between quality, London in the day is another world entirely. I do much favour London in the daytime or rather - London when you are not in search of a full blown night out. London makes me feel the way I always yearned to when I was 15 come twilight in high Summer or up late at night listening to music, harbouring a desire to inhabit a place where anything felt possible. Perhaps the persistent presence of this once fleeting feeling is due to the fact that I am living somewhere I never have previously. Everything thus feels new and exciting, and perhaps it is the combination of an entirely new environment and London, that has me feeling refreshed. Except, I do not feel as if this new feeling will wain, a new-found positivity has taken over ever since September and, as I am writing this (sitting in my bedroom at home in Liverpool) such positivity has certainly dwindled slightly with being back in my old abode. The busyness is certainly a distraction if anything and, with University comes routine - something I need to thrive, I have found. 

Not only has London brought a new wave of positivity to my line of thinking, but too in my way of approaching attire. For awhile now, I have not been shy of dressing how I wish yet the streets of London just seem entirely more accommodating than those of Liverpool. Perhaps the crowds act as a somewhat shield - something I have previously spoken about - allowing me to dress however, devoid of the indiscernible yet piercing fear of being judged. The people of London seem to exist unfazed, everyone is too busy going about their own lives to care about yours, or that your wearing fishnet tights in public, at midday. It is completely comforting and freeing and just may attribute to the aforementioned presence of the undistinguishable yet exciting feeling that London instigates. 

For instance, I probably would not have worn this outfit in Liverpool or even had the inspiration to curate it and, I have a confession to make. The silk sheen red 'top' may perhaps look familiar and the reason being is that, the 'top' in question is, in fact, a skirt. The skirt is perhaps one of the most prized possessions in my wardrobe and has been since point of purchase, not only for the particular ornate vibe it lends to any outfit but it's versatility - clearly, as it can indeed be fashioned into a sort of layering form - as demonstrated above. Just add a roll neck and there, you have a perfectly acceptable top and skirt combination (right)?

Layering can do wonders to elevate an ensemble. Not only am I fond of an arguably unusual skirt-and-top concoction but fishnet tights peaking out under jeans? That'll do too. Although a long time lover of the fishnet frenzy, I repeatedly shied away from fishnet tights in fear of judgement but, no more I say. The fishnet has creeped certainly but slowly onto the mainstream fashion feed - otherwise known as Instagram - and perhaps now, the taboo has been lifted. Once placed with sexual connotations, controversy and alternative fashion, now you shall find the tight in the hosiery isles of Topshop and sold out on ASOS. Pandora Sykes and Alexa Chung are fans (Chung complimented mine at her M&S Archive by Alexa launch in October, she was wearing a smaller variation of fishnet herself) and while they certainly may not be perfectly practical, you will do well for branching out in favour of the outfit. If you are still shy however, try layering your choice of fishnet over low denier tights and pair with the most recent revival form of the denim mini skirt - perhaps this makes the fishnet both pretty and practical? The jury is out, on this one. 

Wearing: Roll Neck - Primark | Skirt (Worn as a top) - Serotonin Vintage | Jeans - ASOS Marketplace | Shoes - Zara | Jacket - Topshop | Fishnet Tights - ASOS | Bag - Zara | Earrings - Topshop |


  1. Carnaby Street was one of the first places in London I went to when I first visited the city over three years ago; I still love going there as I just love the food and shopping. I personally love Masala Zone which is right off of Carnaby Street.
    Also, how cool is it that you were able to meet Alexa Chung! That would probably be my dream. And she's right - your fishnets are great!

    Elizabeth xx

  2. This outfit is nothing short of AMAZING. I'm with you 100% on this post, though - in London I feel like you could go out in a tutu and no one would bat an eyelid. It's so freeing and deffo one of my fave things about the city! x

    Written by Tasmine | UK Style Blog