Over the past few months, I have developed a strange relationship with clothing, especially when purchasing. Perhaps this has something to do with the pledge I made last year to cut down on fast fashion and be a more conscious shopper - only buying items when I knew I really wanted them. This process involves a lot of thinking and waiting - if I don't get the initial 'I need it!' pang when I see an item or try it on, I dwell on it and that's how I know if I can live without it. Unsurprisingly, 90% of the time I have concluded that I can indeed survive happily without that off the shoulder blouse I spied in Topshop. I do sometimes get fooled by my own intuition however and purchase on impulse, but no fear because a trip to Zara and one long wait later and all of my mistakes will have be refunded.

(All Pictured Above: Zara Oversized Roll Neck | Zara Green Satin Boots | Realisation Par The Bianca Lip | Monki Vinyl Boxy Coat | Zara Embroidered Slingback Shoes | Mango Leather Crop Trousers | Zara Astronaut T-Shirt | Relisation Par The Stevie | Topshop '90s Cat Eye Sunglasses | Topshop Red Espadrille Wedges | ASOS Faux Shearling Coat

With this practice however, comes the side effect of feeling like I have no clothes due to my lack of purchasing. While I may initially appear to want many items (and of course such always seems to occur at a time when I have absolutely no money to splurge on clothing) will I actually purchase them all? Of course not. Because I often get so caught up worrying about what I need and don't need and what I want or don't want, I end up pondering on the issue too long and thus become indecisive and switch off. I just can't seem to figure out what is worth my money these days, what won't become tired after several wears, and what I should prioritise. Plus, it is often hard being a student because there is the constant temptation of those few special items - such as a Realisation Par blouse, as pictured above, or a Reformation top - that are just that little bit out of reach, if not for price but for shipping and import duty costs and the lack of security of a fuss free and cheap return. 

Yet, although I intend to cut down on fast fashion and my habit has certainly dwindled, I still constantly trawl the new-in sections in pursuit of purchase. I have postulated that perhaps this obsessive scrolling is due to FOMO. In my head, I am thinking 'What if Zara has new items that I haven't seen, I could love them...' accompanied by alarm bells ringing in my head (okay, perhaps it is not so dramatic) and I know it's not that serious - nothing bad will happen if I don't check Zara or Topshop or Mango yet, I feel instantly better once I have examined every inch of each online store. In truth, I do not want to miss out but this fact does not mean that I am clicking purchase at every given opportunity, it is, in fact, quite the opposite. Possibly, the root of this compulsive behaviour stems from the fact that I find comfort in knowing that I have seen all that is to offer. It enables me to pour over everything and divulge it, categorise such in wishlist form and play the all important, all telling waiting game by checking back on the items I lusted over and proving whether love at first sight is a force that really does exist. In doing so, not only am I appeasing my fast fashion FOMO without doing any serious damage, I am evading any sense of overwhelm that would undoubtedly arise when tackling the pages upon pages of attire when I actually posses the intent to purchase. Plus, alternatively, it pays to know that you are in fact, not missing out on anything, too. The constant need for newness in fashion can certainly be anxiety enduing but you just need to be sure of what you want and not play into the disposable trend game. And so I shall continue to watch, wait, and repeat. 

For now, the wishlist in question is a much shortened version of items I saved onto my bookmarks (yes, I still utilise that tool, is that weird? I don't know, maybe it isn't and it's completely normal and I'm making this comment for no reason) over the space of the past month. I make a habit of this, as explained in detail above and I will reiterate that I recommend doing so yourself as it really is revealing and sends an air of clarity over my mostly hard to pin down sartorial needs. Maybe people do this already. Again, who knows. All I can do is speak for myself here, ha. 

Onto the clothes, even now I can pinpoint and prioritise what I want to purchase most out of this still abundant shortlist. At this current moment in time, I am mostly wishing to own the Zara oversized blue roll neck jumper. Why exactly this is is a question I myself do not currently have the answer for. I have never liked deep blue tones. Not navy, not cobalt, nor royal blue. No matter how many times Alexa Chung iterated that a navy sweater is all you need for your wardrobe to feel complete, I was never sold. Yet this incarnation of blue has me second guessing my past ignorance and all I can think is how good it would look thrown over my newly bought vintage white Levi 501s and colour blocked with my favourite green tassel earrings. Also a feature of this imaginary ensemble is the green satin ankle boots also from Zara (of course). I am always a fan of Zara (and yes this is the one fast fashion relationship that is the hardest to break) but its AW17 collection is proving extremely fruitful thus far. 

The Monki vinyl jacket is an equally noticeable find. Ever since I bought the Alexa Chung vinyl trench late last year my love affair for the M&S coat has not dwindled in even the slightest. However, I would quite like a shorter version too and this one seems the perfect fit. Similarly, jeans are always on my mind when searching for a wardrobe update. I have finally decided that jeans are the glue that sticks my wardrobe together and thus, I have concluded that I should probably spend more of both my time and money adding to the rather small collection of jeans that I currently own. For once, this usually exhaustive search was quite easy, with minimal effort I managed to pick four pairs of jeans I think would compliment my wardrobe perfectly. Not so long ago it was almost impossible to find good crop flare jeans on the high-street and even more so a white pair. For once, my sartorial search seems (almost) complete.



  1. Really nice picks here - and I can totally relate to the the way you shop, I'm quite the same. 90% of the things I buy are those items I have the initial "omg, I need this!" reaction to, often I also sit and dwell and realise I may not need some things either!

    My fave here is the ASOS faux shearling coat - gorgeous!

  2. All these items are so beautiful, may have to add them to a wish list of my own!
    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  3. Like your wishlist article babe! keep up the good work! xoxo Nina

  4. Loving all these picks! I agree to the OMG moment! If I obsess over it, it is a must-have!

  5. That's a great decision! Always have things that are functional in your closet! xo, Outside Clinic

  6. The green boots is so unique and stylish! Dr Minesh Patel Bedford

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