I told you I loved leopard print. But how much is too much? In the words of Luther Vandross, it's never too much, never too much. While others may contest otherwise, I shall continue to create a shrine to the print with the array of leopard items I have hoarded in my already bursting wardrobe.

So, there's no surprise then that as soon as I spied & Other Stories' sell-out skirt of the summer, I had to purchase it. I've had it in my possession for some months now and since then an influx of frenzied shoppers have raced to get their hands on the silky wonder. If you're still searching, you're probably out of luck, sorry. Perhaps try Ebay, where the skirt will set you back £80, a £19 hike from the original retail price.

The skirt is probably, in-fact, is definitely, my favourite sartorial endeavour of the summer. You can dress it down, as pictured above - featuring a dose of double leopard in the form of an ever versatile sandal heel, all the while pared down with a simple white t-shirt and matching bag from Mango, an accessory which my boyfriend has jokingly nicknamed the kettle bag due to it's uncanny resemblance to the kitchen appliance, but I still love it all the same.

And, if like me, you're reluctant to be separated from your sartorial staple once evening falls and a slightly smarter take on the print is required, instead style with black strappy heels, a sheer black blouse and arm yourself with an elegant Shrimps-esque pearl embellished bag as I did on holiday.

Worried about the skirt's sartorial shelf life post-season? No bother. There is no need to banish the midi length marvel to the back of your wardrobe once summer finally grinds to a halt. Consider the garment, or any ankle skimming skirt for that matter, as the perfect transitional item to tide your attire over to autumn. You would do well to match with a white polo neck jumper and pointed black ankle boots (or thigh-high, whatever serves you well) and wrap up in a coat of your choice. My cold weather armour? As always, I will reach for my much loved (and much worn) vinyl trench from Alexa Chung's collection for M&S a few seasons ago. Some things will never change.

Now all I need is a vintage inspired leopard faux fur number and I have all eyes set on this Warehouse concoction which I think will get on nicely with the rest of my collection, probably best not to wear it all at once though, mind.

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It's summer so I should be free right? From University, perhaps, but while the fairer months free me from my studious obligations, they do not render me out of office from my part-time job, one which has since turned into a full time commitment, or rather, copious hours of overtime. I can't complain really, while I'm not serving on the shop floor I'm either sleeping, eating, drinking prosecco by the gallon or basking in the blissful heat that has graced the UK - or all of the above.

I shall refrain from barking on about how I have yet, once again, spectacularly failed to write and publish any posts over a five month period because quite frankly, it's a monologue I've all but worn out by now. Life has been busy and when it hasn't, you will have found me in a nearby park, sunning myself on my cream Ikea blanket and drinking gin out of a can. What bliss. I still contest that there is nothing better than London in the sun. Except maybe the tube. Ok, certainly the tube.

Although people drone on about the heatwave coming to an end (can you even call it a heatwave anymore, what with it being pretty much consistently tropical since April?), everyday I refresh the weather app on my phone and rejoice. Kind of.

Whilst the weather has rendered the commute to work as rather laborious of late, with being packed tightly in a metal tube that can only best be described as a microwave in the humid heat of London, minus the obvious downsides of extreme heat in a city that is vastly devoid of aircon, I haven't a bad word to say about the weather. Besides the fact that the current temperatures across the Globe are bloody worrying to say the least and terrifying at most.

Sure it may be hard to get dressed in the morning, what with my holiday-less past few summers rendering a wardrobe severely lacking in any suitable summer attire, but fear not, as the heavy heat has gave way to several new loves in my life. I have three (ok four) words for you: leopard, legs and fake tan.

Call it contour for the body - self-tan has quickly become my surprising summer staple. While I’ve never been one to shy away from donning my pale legs - especially when helpfully sculpted by heels - regrettably, skirts have been absent from my daywear agenda for far too long. Whatever the reason that held me back from barring it all, my heatwave induced foray into the world of fake tan proved that false tanning needn't be the daunting task my teenage self deemed it to be. Who remembers Fake-tan wipes? Whoever conjured those evil things into existence just wanted people to suffer. But I am happy to declare that streakiness and glowing skin of the bottle variety are not destined to be mutually exclusive after all. Hurrah.

If there’s one sartorial staple that I have sat on the fence about for the longest time, it has to be leopard print. So, no one is should be more surprised than me to discover that I have once and for all put all qualms about the animal pattern aside and decided that yes, I actually quite like that. I blame working in retail. If the same print is swinging in your peripheral day in and day out, in the end, you’re bound to end up loving or hating it, there are absolutely no grounds to remain indifferent on such. And so I caved. I bought the leopard print wrap top and the obsession started from the second I put my card into the machine and punched in my pin, pretty much. There are now a number of leopard print variations hanging in my wardrobe, which in my terms is excessive considering I refrain from purchasing clothing all that often. I typically shy away from prints and patterns et al, for the reason that I often tire of them after several wears but the leopard print is proving particularly hard to shake. I love it, I love it, I love it. Even if my boyfriend may amusingly exclaim that I am slowly turning into Pat Butcher every time I parade my new printed purchase. An alternative style icon? Why not.

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Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Too cheesy? Maybe. And I fucking hate cheese at the best of times. I can confirm, however, that such is true in relation to my blog.

Truthfully, since my prolonged absence, I have felt somewhat dispirited about it all. I started (or what it was called at the time - electraviolet) five years ago and since then, so much has changed in my life. I've been studying fashion journalism at university for two years and I now live in London in my own (albeit rented) flat - two goals that I constantly and desperately daydreamed about achieving since I was fifteen. And now, in some ways, studying fashion journalism feeds the hunger to write more yet in some ways it just drains it.

Perhaps this is because studying fashion journalism fulfils the very desire that led me to creating this blog in the first place. And while I throughly enjoy my course despite all of the I-can’t-think-of-any-ideas panic, stress and sleepless nights that it brings, I write to fit a purpose and although such doesn’t make the endeavour any less enjoyable, I still miss writing completely of my own volition. 

Of late, whenever I have tried to put pen to paper for a post, I have become stuck, unable to think of anything worthy of publishing. Perhaps this blockage is due to the fact that I have become so tuned to writing to fit a certain brief that I have all but forgotten how to write for myself. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I am so used to pouring everything into my portfolios of work for university that I am left feeling that anything I could possibly publish on here would be inferior in comparison. Or perhaps it is due to the fact that 'blogging' has changed so much in the past two years in which I have become a complacent 'blogger', even though I would argue that the status never bothered me much anyway, but regardless, something does feel different and it has for awhile now. Maybe it's me or maybe it's a bit of both.

When I consider constructing a post for this blog, I focus on the words rather than the pictures. I have always been more concerned with the written content. Nowadays, fashion blogs seem to favour the former and not that there is anything wrong with such. Fashion journalism in all manners is becoming increasingly wordless as the days go by, with magazine after magazine adopting a digital only format or folding altogether - a trend which of course fills me with the utmost confidence for the future as a current fashion journalism student. Personally, I am primarily absorbed with creating a post that I am proud to publish, rather than having picture perfect images and lacking in much else. 

Although, all that aside, on inspecting these pictures after they were taken back in Autumn (can you tell I’m a serial procrastinator?!), I was very pleasantly surprised. The pictures were taken by my boyfriend on our flat’s fire escape and I am happy know that I have an easily accessible and pleasing backdrop to shoot outfit pictures without ever having to leave the comfort of my own home, despite the bemused looks from neighbours and resident builders, mind. I’m sure my boyfriend will be thrilled to know that he is to be placed on official photographing duties from now on.

At the time of shooting, the jumper of absolute dreams was freshly plucked from it's hanger and has been on heavy rotation since purchase. I had been on the hunt for a long sleeved jumper of multi-coloured stripe variety ever since I spotted the £690 Gucci version on none other than, you guessed it - Alexa Chung. Casting all dreams of owning the aforementioned style aside, I was strolling down Carnaby Street one evening when the perfect fit (note: no pastel tones, not too glittery and no odd colour combinations) was hanging high and proud in Monki. To seal that such a find was fashion fate, a few days later I spied that Megan Ellaby - aka one of my favourite fashion bloggers and a firm style inspiration - bought the same jumper in her vlog. I guess if I hadn’t found the garment that evening, I certainly would have done thanks to Megan.

I paired the striped glory with my favoured white jeans and I think the two match perfectly. White jeans really are heaven and hell in garment form. The denim looks good with just about anything but god help you keeping them mark free, especially when wearing red lipstick. Wear with caution.

Despite not being featured much on here, the patent trench coat is a firm wardrobe essential. Since purchasing the outerwear a year and a half ago, it has barely left my body. The coat of wonders has this amazing quality of pairing with just about any outfit incarnation, and elevating those that would otherwise be lacklustre. I never want to take it off. I could almost sleep with it on - cocooned like a bat in a coat that can only be best described as akin to something out of The Matrix film - save for the annoying squeaking, that is.

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