denim bloom

denim bloom

denim bloom by c0smicviolet featuring a cropped motorcycle jacket

Topshop floral print shirt

Acne cropped motorcycle jacket

ASOS chunky shoes

New blog header/designing

I felt like i needed a change, i'd had the previous header on my first wordpress blog too. I design my own headers and I use Photoshop to create them. This time i decided to go for a more simple blog header rather than a busy more pigmented one that I had created before. This time i've also included a blog button which you can find on the sidebar.
I've been graphic designing since i was about 9 or 10, i know that's early but I first started using paint (obviously) then photofiltre, then gimp and then photoshop which is of course, what i use now. Up until late 2011 i used to create graphics by using celebrity pictures for fan sites and such, I had a few of my own but mainly the websites I created were design sites were people could order custom designs made by me. I really enjoyed this and as i have said i've always been a creative person. I no longer have any websites that are active, i'm sure there are many that i've forgotten to delete as i made TONS, specifically using I haven't grown out of graphic designing though and now i have a reason to create designs again - for my blog, i'm so glad about this.
I've been thinking of having a go at creating a blog layout with html included as i too used to be able to code layouts including image mapping. I just felt like making this post, in case any of you were wondering (then again, you probably were not). I learnt html at the age of 11 (i think) and I loved it. It's been a good two years since i designed and coded full layouts but I still remember most things, the tricky thing is, is that blogspot layouts are a bit different than the layouts that i'm used to coding for and such, so, that's the only downside. Maybe when i have some spare time i will try and teach myself the ways of a blogger layout and have a go at it, I always like learning new things even though I can get quite frustrated with myself, if i stick to it i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.

Collective Haul | topshop, missguided, boohoo

Okay so all of the thumbnails for this video are awful and mid sentence, typical! Anyway I filmed this yesterday as i was in the mood to film a video rather than writing a blog post. All of the items i mentioned have been bought since the start of the year.
Also if you notice some weird orb like things on the video yeah... really freaky, also more so since i did hear a noise while filming the video, whilst being home alone... i kept that in anyway haha!

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metallic galaxy

metallic galaxy

metallic galaxy by c0smicviolet featuring printed sweatshirts

Printed sweatshirt

Topshop short shorts

Silver metallic shoes
$19 -

Crushed velvet



I've worn this outfit a couple of times, it's so comfortable and it doesn't look overdone. I love tucking in tops to jeans, skirts etc and these blue velvet leggings are no exception, this plain purple and grey infused top from topshop is quite long as it is from the tall section in the store and i think from it's shape it is supposed to look oversized. I love the fit of it, it looks so effortless. I originally paired these crushed velvet leggings from next with this top thinking that the look wouldn't work, and at first glance it didn't look that great but then i had the idea to belt the leggings thus making them high wasted - I loved this instantly. I belted the leggings with a simple thin black belt, nothing too over the top or noticeable. I love how it makes the leggings and the top look, it brings them together to create more of a fluid look instead of them being just two items of clothing thrown on together.
To finish of this look I slightly pull out the top to make it look baggy, i just love how it looks when i do this. I also usually wear my black creepers from new look but black boots would also look good with this look. Finally, I love to throw on my oversized cream jumper from asos as i feel it completes the look as it doesn't make it look too structured.
When wearing this i also love to accessorize with my spiked necklace from asos and my silver band rings from there also, this adds more of a toughness to the outfit, which is what I always love to do.
I feel like this look gives off a bit of a grunge/90s vibe, I love grunge and 90s inspired outfits so i think this is one of the many reasons why i love this so much. How many times have i wrote 'i love' in this blog post? I hope i haven't gone overboard, well, i'm guessing you get the idea of how much a 'love' this outfit, haha!

Wearing: Top: Topshop tall // Belt: Unkown // Leggins: Next //

Wishlist #1

1. Topshop £28 // 2. Topshop £28 // 3. Office £105 // 4. Asos £100 // 5. Topshop £16

This is wishlist is a perfect example of want not need, although, sometimes it is quite hard to draw yourself away from an item you've been lusting over and remind yourself to distinguish between those two feelings. I've ventured into town on a Saturday the past two weeks running for shopping purposes and yet I haven't came back with any clothing, make up - yes but, for me it's clothing over make up on mostly all occasions. It seems that whenever I have money I am willing to spend, the shops aren't up to scratch, anyone else feel this way? I'm sure it can't just be me. Even if there are a few items that catch my eye, they always seem to not have them in my size or they're way to expensive... the pains of shopping. Yes, I know i'm being way too overly dramatic, but it's the way it is.

What would be a wishlist without topshop eh? My favourite shop hasn't been the glorious place I know it to be in the past weeks, for me anyway, the clothes just haven't been that exciting, it's probably because of the time of year... I can't wait for Spring/Summer. Anyway, I was browsing online for clothes (as i usually do, at least once a day...) when I came across these lovely items. I love the white crotchet top from topshop, it would be a great piece to wear with shorts or high wasted disco-pant look jeans. Imaging the outfit is making me picture sunny beaches with a warm breeze and ice cream, so relaxing...

On one of my trips into topshop I tried on the acid wash denim skirt, I had to resist the urge to purchase it as I knew that I wouldn't get any use out of it until April (if we're lucky in England) I'm hopeful that it'll remain in stock as it is a summery item. This would also fit perfectly with the crotchet top.... ahhh spring please hurry!
Even though i'd say i don't own an excessive amount, I have a great weakness for shoes. These lust worthy Jeffrey Campbell shoes are heaven (or rather hell) to me, I have a bit of a spikes/studs obsession too and I love black... I just wouldn't be able to go wrong with these. I don't think that Jeffrey Campbell shoes are a ridiculous amount of money, especially this pair... I might just have to save up for them.

I love the Cambridge Satchel Company, their bags are lovely! I found this greyish pale green design on asos, I usually stick to black bags so I would love to have this, especially to pop a little bit of colour into all black outfits. This particular bag is exclusive to asos and it is priced at £100, not too much eh?
Finally, I came across this skirt a few weeks back and almost ordered it online, I didn't though and I have since to see it in the topshop i travel to in my city. I love the pale lilac/pink colour, perfect for spring/summer (seeing a bit of a trend here?) It's only £16 which I think is an amazing price for topshop!
The items featured on this wishlist are mostly spring/summer friendly but the prices are a real mixture, some are affordable and some are more pricey. I am more of a gothic look loving kind of girl, I'll definitely still be wearing dark colours in the summer time, I don't see anything wrong with it - I'm not a big trend follower, I wear what I like. As spring/summer approaches I've been loving lighter colours but, when i picture outfits in my head inspired by one particular item I always see myself darkening it up with spiked boots, acid wash anything or a leather jacket, I don't think I am an entirely delicate look loving person.



paleness by c0smicviolet featuring chunky sweaters

Alexander Wang chunky sweater

Topshop skater skirt

Topshop high heel

Beauty/Skincare haul

I was going to record a video to talk about these lovely purchases but, since that would involve putting on makeup and getting changed into respectable clothing on this lazy Sunday... I have decided against that idea. So now, instead, I am writing a blog post (obviously!).
I purchased all of these items in the past week, from Superdrug or Boots.
  • Nivea daily essentials 2 in 1 cleanser and toner (Boots)
I purchased this as I hadn't used or had a cleanser before, nor had i used a toner. I decided it was time to start a skincare routine and I had heard about about a lot of cleansers but they were expensive. So, as Nivea is a trusty brand, i thought i would give this a go. I have tried it once and I do like it, it removes make up and feels soft on my skin, I can't give a full review though as I don't really have anything to compare it too. it's cheaply priced at £3.59 but it is good quality.
Click to buy
  •  Nivea daily essentials exfoliating scrub (Boots)
I bought this for the same reason as i did the cleanser and toner. I haven't tried out this product as of yet but i'm sure it'll do what it says on the packaging. This exfoliating scrub is a bit more than the cleanser and toner, priced at £3.99.
Click to buy
  • Cosmetic oval pads (Boots)
The cosmetic pads will come in useful to remove the cleanser/toner from my face and to remove make up. I have forgotten how much these were and I can't find them on the boots website, I'm sure you can find these in store or similar versions from elsewhere.
  • Real Techniques Stippling Brush (Boots)
I finally bought a real techniques stippling brush, I have heard so many rave reviews about these brushes. I had been using my trusty flat foundation brush by a brand i'd never heard of to apply my foundation but it had been getting a bit old... since i've been using this, i've noticed I have been using less foundation and it has a more natural look when applied to my skin. I really, really love this brush, it's so soft and makes applying make up a lot easier. Real techniques brushes are all  reasonably priced and affordable and this stippling brush is priced at £11.99.
Click to buy
  • Maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner (Superdrug)
I sadly ran out of liquid eyeliner at the weekend and my eyeliner pen had half dried out so, it was time to purchase a new eyeliner. I know this isn't a new release but I had heard good reviews about it in the past and as it was on offer, it was the first eyeliner i laid eyes on, so I picked it up. The colour i bought was the usual, 01 intense black. I have already briefly tried out this eyeliner and it seems to be really good, I used the eyeliner brush it came with and it applied smoothly to my eyelid, the colour looked bold and stood out. The offer price for this product was £4.99.
Click to buy
  • Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (Superdrug)  
As with the gel eyeliner I had heard a lot of good reviews about the collection 2000 concealer. I bought it in shade number 2, light. Admittedly I didn't need another concealer but I couldn't stop myself from buying this when I saw it. I agree with the good reviews of this product, it covers many blemishes and the shade luckily fits my skin tone quite perfectly. The pricing for this product is cheap for the results of the product but i'm not complaining as it is a very affordable £4.19
Unfortunately i cannot seem to find this product on superdrug's website.
  • Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer (Superdrug)
Last but definitely not least, since these lip lacquers have been released i've again, heard many reviews raving about these lip products. I purchased the shade 301 galaxy, it is a deep pink, plum shade that's not too over powering. I love the texture of this product, it looks like a glossy lipstick but applies like a lipgloss,i guess it is better described as a glossy lip creme. I can definitely see myself purchasing more of these as the price is amazing, only £5.99!
Click to buy

mint dark

mint dark

mint dark by c0smicviolet featuring punk boots

Isabel Marant slim shirt
$435 -

Topshop skater skirt

Punk boots

Beige mist | Eyeshadow look of the day

Okay so, instead of face of the day I thought i would do Eyeshadow of the day or rather, Eyeshadow look of the day or Eye look of the day, whichever.
I love putting on eye shadow, it's so creative as you can mix different shades to create different looks, it's easy to become inspired. That is what happened with me today, I didn't plan anything other than what pallet I was going to use, whenever i start on creating an eye shadow look, i just go with it - make it up as i go along. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn't but i like the freedom of not being bound by step 1 and step 2 etc.
What I used:
  • Sleek kohl eyeliner pencil - 121 Black
  • Clinique high impact mascara - 11 Brightening Black
  • Dainty Doll Eyeshadow base - 001
  • MAC quad - Shroom, Satin Taupe, Patina
I really like the outcome of this look and I could see myself creating it again. I don't usually wear eyeshadow, only for occasions such as parties or going out for dinner but I would consider wearing this during the day as the shades are quite soft. It's not overpowering but it isn't too simple, I think it has the perfect balance and it looks great on the eyes and even better in person.

Dainty Doll

I have to talk about this, i found it quite amusing but it's simple really. Well yesterday my Mum   walked into my room, handing over to me what seemed to be a package addressed to me, which it was... I was confused as I hadn't ordered anything, i didn't have a clue what it could be. So, anyway I noticed on the front of the package above my address it had 'hearst magazines' printed on the package, so obviously my thoughts then were that this package had been sent from a magazine or something along those lines. I then became slightly excited as I realised that I must've won something, although i didn't know exactly what i could've won. I knew i had entered a few competition, as I do when i've got nothing better to do and of course, in the hope of winning. So, when i proceeded to open the package and found makeup, I was really happy... i mean free makeup? And, it being danity doll (by Nicola Roberts) I was pleased as I had never tried anything of hers before and it was unlikely that I would purchase anything from this brand as I had heard it is aimed towards paler complexions. Anyway, I received:
  • An Eyeshadow Base in 001
  • An Eyeshadow in 001
  • An Eyeliner pencil in 004
  • A Lipgoss in 001
I am mostly excited about the Eyeshadow base as I have not got round to purchasing an eye primer as of yet and for now I am going to use the Eyeshadow base when i wear Eyeshadow. All of the products are really good quality and well pigmented and I love the packaging so I am really, really happy about that surprise.
Another thing, I vaguely remembered entering a competition to win this makeup but i couldn't remember which magazine... so after awhile of thinking i went onto the Christmas edition of the Company weekly edit and of course I found my answer, I must have been one of 100 people who received this makeup set as I had entered while I was bored on Christmas break from school, of course.
Apart from winning the amazing Mac quad from Flora (thank you thank you thank you) just before Christmas and now this, I had never won any competitions in my life despite entering what I think is a lot in my opinion.

Topshop SS13

29  28
Topshop's Spring/Summer 2013 collection first look shots look mystical. Topshop never fail in being unique and they certainly don't disappoint this time. The collection is clearly inspired by the 90s and the clothes give of a gothic vibe. I personally LOVE the 90s and the grunge-gothic look, so of course - i love the look of this!
I have flicked through all of the shots available on have picked out two of my favourite looks.
I love how topshop have mixed the dark grunge colours and styles with mystical prints and colours, it might seem like an easy thing to do but i think the pieces complement each other perfectly. I love how they have layered the black jumper over the colourful print and paired it with a chunky neck piece and ankle-boots.
My Favorite look of them all though, has to be the one with the brightly patterned coloured jeans, the print reminds me of space... or sherbet. I love how there are so many different ways to how you could style these jeans. You could clash them with a printed top or you could simply wear an over-sized black jumper to make the jeans the key piece. Another idea i like is wearing a crop top and an over-sized chunky knit cardigan with the jeans, finishing the look with creepers.
You can see the full first look shots here:

Leather and velvet

DSCF3548  DSCF3552I love this outfit, it's got leather and velvet and studded boots... literally everything i love. The clothes i am wearing   come from a collective  shop, i love the feeling of thinking up a new outfit and i instantly get the impulse feeling to go out, just to wear it - seriously.
Anyway, I guess i should tell you where i got the pieces from, shouldn't I?:
Quilted Leather Biker Jacket - £25.00 -  Click 
Sinead Melange Vest - £9.99 - ♡ Click 
Velvet leggings - £13.99 - ♡ Click 
Leather Studded Boots - £40.00 - ♡ Click