Crushed velvet



I've worn this outfit a couple of times, it's so comfortable and it doesn't look overdone. I love tucking in tops to jeans, skirts etc and these blue velvet leggings are no exception, this plain purple and grey infused top from topshop is quite long as it is from the tall section in the store and i think from it's shape it is supposed to look oversized. I love the fit of it, it looks so effortless. I originally paired these crushed velvet leggings from next with this top thinking that the look wouldn't work, and at first glance it didn't look that great but then i had the idea to belt the leggings thus making them high wasted - I loved this instantly. I belted the leggings with a simple thin black belt, nothing too over the top or noticeable. I love how it makes the leggings and the top look, it brings them together to create more of a fluid look instead of them being just two items of clothing thrown on together.
To finish of this look I slightly pull out the top to make it look baggy, i just love how it looks when i do this. I also usually wear my black creepers from new look but black boots would also look good with this look. Finally, I love to throw on my oversized cream jumper from asos as i feel it completes the look as it doesn't make it look too structured.
When wearing this i also love to accessorize with my spiked necklace from asos and my silver band rings from there also, this adds more of a toughness to the outfit, which is what I always love to do.
I feel like this look gives off a bit of a grunge/90s vibe, I love grunge and 90s inspired outfits so i think this is one of the many reasons why i love this so much. How many times have i wrote 'i love' in this blog post? I hope i haven't gone overboard, well, i'm guessing you get the idea of how much a 'love' this outfit, haha!

Wearing: Top: Topshop tall // Belt: Unkown // Leggins: Next //


  1. Gorgeous, love those leggings xx

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  3. Aw thank you! Sure;) Just checked out your blog, it's lovely, i followed:) xx

  4. This outfit is soo nice! wish i had those leggings! gorgeous blog!xx

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