New blog header/designing

I felt like i needed a change, i'd had the previous header on my first wordpress blog too. I design my own headers and I use Photoshop to create them. This time i decided to go for a more simple blog header rather than a busy more pigmented one that I had created before. This time i've also included a blog button which you can find on the sidebar.
I've been graphic designing since i was about 9 or 10, i know that's early but I first started using paint (obviously) then photofiltre, then gimp and then photoshop which is of course, what i use now. Up until late 2011 i used to create graphics by using celebrity pictures for fan sites and such, I had a few of my own but mainly the websites I created were design sites were people could order custom designs made by me. I really enjoyed this and as i have said i've always been a creative person. I no longer have any websites that are active, i'm sure there are many that i've forgotten to delete as i made TONS, specifically using I haven't grown out of graphic designing though and now i have a reason to create designs again - for my blog, i'm so glad about this.
I've been thinking of having a go at creating a blog layout with html included as i too used to be able to code layouts including image mapping. I just felt like making this post, in case any of you were wondering (then again, you probably were not). I learnt html at the age of 11 (i think) and I loved it. It's been a good two years since i designed and coded full layouts but I still remember most things, the tricky thing is, is that blogspot layouts are a bit different than the layouts that i'm used to coding for and such, so, that's the only downside. Maybe when i have some spare time i will try and teach myself the ways of a blogger layout and have a go at it, I always like learning new things even though I can get quite frustrated with myself, if i stick to it i'm sure i'll get the hang of it.


  1. I'd love to be able to do all that stuff, my boyfriend made my blog header! Haha

    1. It's actually not that hard you know once you get the hang of it! Aw i love your blog header!:) x

  2. Love the header. Unique and cute. Got yourself a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin. Please follow back. Thanks