Daisies in the dark | ootd

I've been admiring daisy patterned clothing for awhile, since the start of summer actually and now that it's autumn/winter it's only appropriate to opt for a daisy pattern in jumper form, isn't it? This lovely one from Karma Clothing is quite thick, I can't wait for it to be absolutely freezing outside so I can throw this on and feel all snug and warm, ah.
I've been going a bit jumper crazy recently, I guess it makes up for the lack of knitwear I seemed to have in my wardrobe, I obviously wasn't much a fan of it in previous years... I found that jumpers weren't the most versatile of clothing therefore I edged away from it all. Nonetheless I'm not shying away from jumpers this winter, my new found love for knit just won't let that happen. 

Wearing: Daisy Jumper* - Karma Clothing | Skirt - Boohoo | Blazer - Missguided | Belt - Missguided | Cut out boots - Lavish Alice |

Haul | Forever 21, H&M, Boots |

I've been a bit bad recently and have bought quite a few things, even in the two or three days since filming this haul I've bought more clothes, yeah... Primark has defeated me. So you may have another haul to watch soon as more purchased items accumulate...

Hope you enjoy the video!

BLEACH London | Bruised Violet

When I heard that Bleach London were coming out with their own range for boots I couldn't wait for it's release. I had been enviously stalking their instagram and twitter for awhile, adoring people's pastel coloured hair and wondering how I too could achieve that look.
Upon it's release I was drawn in by the 'Super Cool Colour' range. I love the variety of colours the range boasts and the fact that it promises to fade within 2 - 10 washes, with it being non permanent it meant I could conveniently use it at any time as my sixth form is annoyingly strict about hair colouring, sadly. 

I purchased two Bleach London 'Super Cool Colour' colour creams in Bruised Violet and Blullini. Bruised Violet is a bright pink/purple toned hair colour while Blullini is a softer, pale blue shade. While I love both colours, I decided to try out Bruised Violet as my hair is not that light at all, I only have my ends dip dyed and even that's fading so i didn't think that Blullini would show up on my hair.

I've never dyed my hair at home before, even though this isn't much of a hair dye and described as rather a 'colour cream', it was really easy to apply and gave really good results both times I've used it.
It directs on the bottle to massage the colour cream into your shampooed, towel dried hair while wearing rubber gloves, then you should leave the colour in for 15 minutes before washing it out with lukewarm water.

The first time I used Bruised Violet on my hair I done exactly that and it turned out looking really nice in my opinion. The colour wasn't too obvious but it wasn't too pale that mean't it went unnoticed. I hardly used any of the dye at all so I was surprised how well it turned out. After washing my hair once, the colour had faded quite a bit but that was what I was hoping for. 

Since I was so impressed with the results I got the first time round, I decided to use Bruised Violet on my hair again but this time using a lot more of the product and leaving it on for 20 minutes instead of 15. 
The second time round, the results were a lot more intensified and provided a more prominent purple toned colour. 

I seriously love these products and I'm really impressed with the quality of these 'Super Cool Colours' hair creams. I am eager to try other Bleach London hair products now and I would highly recommend that you try their products for yourself!

Floral Shimmer | OOTD | Ft. Praire Charms

Headbands and hair pieces are not something I wear very often, barely at all actually so, when Prairie Charms contacted me asking if I wanted to take part in their Project Blogger collaboration, of course I jumped at the chance!
I've been admiring flower crows from afar this spring/summer yet I never gave into the urge to purchase one, brushing that idea off with the reasoning that I felt I'd never get round to wearing it. I know that now it's a bit past the sunshine, festival filled months that hosted many a head full of flowers but there's always next year ay? When spring comes round again (that'll be soon no doubt judging by how fast this year is going) I'll definitely be reaching for this to add an extra touch to an outfit. The thing I love about this particular flower crown is the colour, it's not too outrageous, the petals being the simple colour of white that will go with everything, how convenient ay?
Prairie Charms aren't just hosts to a lovely range of flower crowns, they also offer a wide range of other hair accessories too such as the head wrap. After debating for a while over which patterned material I liked the best, I finally decided on this vintage looking number. I've got a bit of a love for the vintage look and although I don't necessarily favour the idea of going all out vintage-esque I love incorporating an essence of that look into my everyday style.

Wearing: Crop Top - Topshop | Midi Skirt - Primark | Coat - New Look | Belt - New Look | Juju Sandals - River Island | *Floral Crown & Vintage Headband - Prairie Charms |

Lavish Alice | Wishlist

I love a good wishlist, there's something about collages that excites me, they never fail to inspire me and this Lavish Alice wishlist is no exception.
I aimed to focus the items in this wishlist around Autumn/Winter 13 with the two toned tartan, dark florals and grungy dunagrees, not forgetting the gothic black lita's. I love how the heel makes the shoe so much more interesting, it adds an edge to the item. 
As you can tell, I got a bit distracted by the blue hued floral trousers, although they're something I feel I would not have the confidence to wear out, (yet - i'm getting there!) parading around in public, I adore them regardless. The diversion from the planned seasonal focus continues with the blue vintage sunglasses, I have a love for round frames, even though I don't own any, they give off a grunge/90s vibe which, as I've mentioned countless times before, is a look I really love. Lastly, the bright orange transparent clutch is something which caught my eye instantly, this item is definitely something I would incorporate into a monochromatic outfit for a pop of colour, even in the winter perhaps?

Lavish Alice are holding a blogger competition where 5 bloggers, picked at random will have the chance to take part in the Lavish Alice Style Off, each styling the same item that has been sent to them (which they will get to keep) on their blogs. The Lavish Alice team will then pick an overall winner who will receive a £50 Lavish Alice gift voucher! Sounds amazing right? The top 5 bloggers will be announced on the 25th of October and the overall winner is to be announced on the 13th of November.

Check this picture below for further details on entering this competition:

Recent Purchases | Topshop and Primark

| Croped Cami - Topshop | Midi Skirt - Primark | Mom Jeans - Topshop |

Okay so, saving money never goes down well with me, ever. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in finding it really hard to resist the likes of topshop and primark? I try to justify my spending with the typical 'I need more winter clothes' quote when in fact, non of my purchases are necessarily winter focused. The usual events of a days shopping trip include an item luring me in from the corner of my eye and then, If I happen to love it, I tend to buy it - regardless of it's season practicality. 

I ventured into town a few weekends ago and succumbed to my usual shopping habits which has resulted in this haul.

I have to admit, I'm not a big lover of 'sparkly' items of clothing, I tend to dislike them in fact, but something about this midi skirt drew me in. I'm glad it caught my eye, it felt good to purchase something that I guess you could say was a little out of my comfort zone. Besides, I couldn't just leave it with it's price tag being a mere £8 could I?
I only have one fault with this shimmering item, I'm not a fan of it's thin material - it shows every lump and bump you have, not something I'll be wearing when i'm going out for food, that's for sure!

The topshop mom jeans are something that I have been lusting over for AGES. I originally wanted the light pair of these jeans but annoyingly, topshop didn't have them in my size so I took a gamble with this pair and liked them when I tried them on in the shop. However, I've since decided that I don't like them as much as I thought, or I've changed my mind... I just don't think they suit me all that much. I'm going to return the jeans, I'll either get the lighter wash or a new pair of joni jeans.... hmmm, I'm a bit disappointed about it.

Lastly is this topshop cami, I LOVE these so much, they're only £6 each and two for £10, hard to believe it's topshop really. As I've mentioned before, I've been really loving neon yellows recently so my attraction to this top was obviously no exception.
I think that the primark midi skirt and this cropped cami would make for really lovely outfit... a future ootd post, perhaps?