BLEACH London | Bruised Violet

When I heard that Bleach London were coming out with their own range for boots I couldn't wait for it's release. I had been enviously stalking their instagram and twitter for awhile, adoring people's pastel coloured hair and wondering how I too could achieve that look.
Upon it's release I was drawn in by the 'Super Cool Colour' range. I love the variety of colours the range boasts and the fact that it promises to fade within 2 - 10 washes, with it being non permanent it meant I could conveniently use it at any time as my sixth form is annoyingly strict about hair colouring, sadly. 

I purchased two Bleach London 'Super Cool Colour' colour creams in Bruised Violet and Blullini. Bruised Violet is a bright pink/purple toned hair colour while Blullini is a softer, pale blue shade. While I love both colours, I decided to try out Bruised Violet as my hair is not that light at all, I only have my ends dip dyed and even that's fading so i didn't think that Blullini would show up on my hair.

I've never dyed my hair at home before, even though this isn't much of a hair dye and described as rather a 'colour cream', it was really easy to apply and gave really good results both times I've used it.
It directs on the bottle to massage the colour cream into your shampooed, towel dried hair while wearing rubber gloves, then you should leave the colour in for 15 minutes before washing it out with lukewarm water.

The first time I used Bruised Violet on my hair I done exactly that and it turned out looking really nice in my opinion. The colour wasn't too obvious but it wasn't too pale that mean't it went unnoticed. I hardly used any of the dye at all so I was surprised how well it turned out. After washing my hair once, the colour had faded quite a bit but that was what I was hoping for. 

Since I was so impressed with the results I got the first time round, I decided to use Bruised Violet on my hair again but this time using a lot more of the product and leaving it on for 20 minutes instead of 15. 
The second time round, the results were a lot more intensified and provided a more prominent purple toned colour. 

I seriously love these products and I'm really impressed with the quality of these 'Super Cool Colours' hair creams. I am eager to try other Bleach London hair products now and I would highly recommend that you try their products for yourself!


  1. These look so good! Where is your floral shirt from!? x

  2. Looks great on you! Btw you have beautiful hair!:)

  3. Wow it's worked really well. I must try some of these dyes myself.

  4. wowwwwww nice effects!! ;))) i like so much honey
    if you want come to see my new “vintage” post n my blog..:

  5. saw this on Look magazine and it looks amazing, great alternative to Superdrugs sprays <3

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  7. Hi :)
    I just wanted to ask, what do you think the wash out is like on these? I'm between jobs so interviewing and I've bought myself Bruised Violet to try out but don't want it to look too bizarre if I get called back for some next week?

    Do you think I'd be ok or will it fade and not properly wash out?

    1. I posted that before I was done!

      Thanks anyway hun!

      Love Tabs x

  8. I've heard a lot about Bleach London's dyes recently! I absolutely love their colours, I can't wait to try them out! xx

  9. i really love the way the colour turned out for you! it looks really great! x

  10. It looks really nice! Just one question though, did you apply to it to the brown parts of your hair, and if you did was it noticeable?? I really want to try this but at school there strict too :( so I only want my hair slightly tinted and I have medium dark brown hair.
    It looks amazing on you though!!

    1. I did and it was kind of noticeable, just not as much, you can kind of tell when you look at the pictures as it looks faded at the start of the dip dye. If you do it maybe at the weekend and then wash it before school it would probably fade anyway? Or you could always put your hair in a bun while you're in school! Ah thanks :) x