Grunge It Grey | ootd

I miss my pink hair. Not that I had it for long at all, the bleach london dye only lasted about 3 days but it looks so cool in these pictures, I guess I kind of forgot all about it. It's a shame we're not allowed 'colourful' hair in my sixth form or I'd consider doing it permanently - or even going pastel, ah, I absolutely adore that whole hair look.

We all know how much I love the whole grunge/90s style... yep, I still haven't grown out of that one. Sometimes I wonder whether I just imagine that almost every outfit I throw together has that 'grunge essence' but anyhow, I try to channel it through most of my outfits.

I've always preferred simpler items such as the grey skater skirt and the purple speckled crop top in this ootd. I love how they both look kind of effortless when pieced together in an outfit yet somehow it isn't all left looking too plain. I love how the cut out boots and black leather jacket give the look an edge.

I do tend to have favourite outfits of mine without me realising, and this is definitely one of them.

Wearing: Leather Jacket - Missguided | Crop Top - Topshop | Skirt - Missguided | Cut Out Boots - Lavish Alice |

October Favourites & Haul

Okay so this is really quite late but I've been meaning to upload this for the past week. Better late than never right?! Another haul video but as I've included my October Favorites, it makes it okay? In my mind anyway. Haul videos are always my favourite to watch anyway. It's a bit of a longer video than usual but I hope that doesn't matter.

Embellish The Dark | House Of Fraser Denim Blogger Challenge

When I heard about the House Of Fraser Blogging Challenge, I knew I had to take part, not only would I be in the chance of winning a £75 House Of Fraser Voucher but I absolutely love putting items of clothing together to create a possible outfit, it sounds slightly strange but it excites me a great deal.

Recently, I haven't been wearing jeans as much, but when I do, it has to be a pair of high waisted skinny jeans, they seem to go with everything and I love how they're so flattering. I paired the jeans with a black and gold embellished top to dress them up, I love how the top would be the stand out item of the outfit. For outwear, I opted for a classic black leather jacket with a twist, you can't go wrong there can you ay? I finished the look off with a pair of chunky ankle boots, I haven't been without mine this past month. I think this particular pair add a grunge feel to the outfit, I don't think I need to stress any more on this blog how much I adore that look. Lastly, an outfit is not complete without a few key accessories such as this DKNY shoulder bag, I think the bottle green colour ties in nicely with the darkness of the rest of the outfit without making it all too monochromatic. Even though the top is a statement in itself, I thought adding a necklace would add something extra to it all, plus, it subtly draws a bit of colour into the look. 

How I Style Christmas Jumpers | Boohoo

| Christmas Jumper (Out of stock - sadly) |

Christmas jumpers aren't typically something I would lust over but ever since Boohoo contacted me about featuring a 'How I Style Christmas Jumpers' post on my blog, my love for festive knitwear has been ever increasing.

Since it's well into November now and with ever other advert on tv being Christmas themed (I'm not complaining, I seriously love it.) I think it's only appropriate to get into the Christmas spirit and what better way to dive into the festivities other than throwing on a Christmas Jumper?! 

In my mind, I'd never been particularly fond of Christmas jumpers purely because I had no idea what to pair them with. It wasn't until I was browsing for items to style the red reindeer and snowflake jumper with that I realised I had multiple possible outfits that I could potentially style this jumper with. I have to admit, it was harder than I expected to choose between the different combinations. 

I finally settled on the one outfit that I could personally see myself wearing on a cold winter's day (with tights of course!).
I'm not usually one for jackets in any other colour than black in fear of it looking tacky but I really love the look of this white PU jacket (and it's on sale!) I think it ties in well with the jumper. For the bottoms, I went with a skort. I don't actually own a skort but I desperately want to purchase one, I think they just look so amazing paired with almost anything, especially in a classic black. Of course I had to finish the outfit with a pair of chunky cut out boots, they've been a huge staple in my wardrobe over the past month, I've barely worn any other footwear.

Patterned Trousers | ootd

I adore these patterned trousers. They were a last minute buy as they caught my eye in forever 21 just as I was walking out of the shop. I was a bit unsure about them at first but as soon as I tried them on I fell in love, I'm so glad I spotted them because they're literally my favourite item in my wardrobe right now.
I shied away from patterned trousers at first because I was worried in case people would mistake them for pyjama bottoms but actually, I don't think that these resemble them much at all... I mean pj bottoms aren't typically high wasted are they? I know one thing for sure, they're definitely as comfortable as pjs.

Wearing: Jumper - Forever 21 | Patterned trousers -  Forever 21 | Blazer - Primark | Necklace - Ebay | Cut out boots - Lavish Alice |