Lilac in Floral | Outfit


| Jumper - Topshop | Shorts - Primark | Boots - Boohoo | Necklace - Ebay |

As you may be able to tell, these pictures were taken on the same day as the ones in my last post so, I thought it was only fitting to post this outfit post after the previous make up look.

Now, you've seen these shorts before in this outfit of the day which is probably my favourite outfit post to date so, I just couldn't resist working the floaty floral daisy print shorts into another outfit! This time I paired the Primark shorts with a simple lilac cropped jumper from Topshop which seems to go with just about anything. I really love the simplicity of this outfit and it's perfect for everyday wear, it's become one of those outfits that I keep going back to.
The footwear i chose for this outfit is an unusual one for me as of late, i opted against my usual coltrane look-a-likes and decided upon my old creeper boots i bought in the boohoo sale back in 2012, I hadn't worn them in far too long!

Beige to Red | Make Up Look

I'm not much of a beauty blogger so please excuse the quality of some of these pictures - but I'm trying ay?!

It's always a good make up day when my winged eyeliner turns out looking great. I used my trusty Maybeline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner to achieve the look. I love this eyeliner but I do find it a bit tricky when using it to get that perfect flick but apart from that there's nothing I could fault. Everyday eyeshadow is new thing for me and even now, I still don't generally wear shades on my lids from day to day, I'm all about the eyeliner. When I do wear eyeshadow, I usually opt for a neutral look and with the help of my new MUA Undressed Palette there's always plenty of shimmer to choose from - I mean look how pretty all of the colours are! They're super pigmented too, there is literally no way you can go wrong for the bargain price of £4. Eyebrows are another thing that I don't tend to tackle everyday but on special occasions when I decide I need more defined brows I grab for my MAC quad and use Concrete to lightly fill in my brows. 

I'm a big fan of the bronzed look, it's a rarity that I wear blusher instead of my usual bronzer. For this look I used a light application of the Miss Sporty bronzer as I use this mainly for contouring my nose. The main product that I applied to my cheek bones is the gorgeous mineralized bronzer I got for Christmas that was included in a make up set from Superdrug, it's so pigmented and gives a gorgeous sheen of gold shimmer to the cheeks that isn't too overpowering.

For the lips, I opted for my favourite red lipstick, Rimmel Kate Lipstick in Shade 1 it's is such a gorgeous red and looks great with everything. I think it compliments the eyeshadow well even though you wouldn't necessarily pair the two together.

I'm thinking of doing a review of the MUA palette and maybe more make up posts, I'd love to hear your feedback on this idea!

Lavish Alice Fashion Week Outfit Competition

Dress | Blouse | Blazer | Sunglasses | Bag | Boots |

I always love taking part in blogger competitions, so when I was contacted about this lavish alice competition to win the outfit you would wear to london fashion week I was really inspired.

I always ponder what I would wear if I happened to be lucky enough to go to LFW (ah, I dream). Knowing me, it would be a very hard decision to make, what with the countless numbers of fashion bloggers and photographers there to say the least, I would want to wear something that would make me stand out - but not too much and not for all the wrong reasons.

Okay so, the outfit that I picked is not too out there but the metallic material of the dress makes up for it I think - I'm really loving that whole trend at the moment. I was a bit stuck on what to pair the dress with at first but then I had the thought to layer a shirt underneath and I really love how it looks, especially the collar, I think it contrasts well and I'm sure it'd look even better on.

Here's the link to the lavish alice blog post if you want to take part!  

Bright and Black | Outfit

Please excuse the mess of the shoes laid out behind me in these pictures, it's literally impossible for me to fit them all in my wardrobe. 

I just love this outfit, I know I repeat this statement everytime I do an outfit post but it still stands true. I finally found a black high necked top that wasn't sold out, yes. I know it's more of a staple and not something that you'd really lust over but that's exactly what I'd been doing, while scouring countless numbers of online stores to find a turtle neck top to layer underneath dresses. It's kind of essential to do just that in this weather, regardless of the fact that I adore this whole layering look.

I remember seeing this dress in all it's full priced glory in topshop back in the summer, I wanted it so badly but I just couldn't justify it. When I spotted it in the sale for £15 I HAD to have it and luckily they still had it in my size. I already can't wait to wear this in the summer, the only thing is it's a tad on the short side!

Wearing:  High neck top - Ebay // Dress - Topshop // Cardigan - Boohoo // Jujus - River Island // Necklace - Ebay // Scrunchie - Urban Outfitters |

Get Ready With Me

So a few days ago I decided to film a get ready with me last minute, I love filming these kinds of videos because they're so easy, I also kind of like editing them too. They're also one of my favourite videos to watch, I love seeing how other people do their make up and what products they use. 

As you can probably tell, I'm no make-up artist, I just apply my make up how I want using techniques I've picked up from watching youtube videos. I do enjoy blogging about make up and it's something I always want to do a lot more of but I just feel somewhat inexperienced when it comes to the beauty side of things! I guess I'll just have to learn, ay?

Also, please excuse the filming of this video, it was the first video I filmed with my new camera and I haven't quite mastered the art of filming with it yet - bear with me!

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Lilac Lightning | Outfit

I've never really been into wearing much colour but I just adore this outfit. I think it's because it features shades of the paler side and I LOVE that whole colour scheme. Obviously, when venturing outside I'd have to put on a pair of tights unless I wanted my legs to freeze off with this weather but I just think the colours look so much prettier on bare leg. 
I'm also really loving my new bag I bought from H&M a few weeks ago, finally I found the perfect bag that is big enough after searching with no luck for weeks - I seem to be so particular with bags, I don't like too much detail and they need to be a certain shape and size... I mean what is the point of having a bag that you can never fit anything in? Wherever I looked I just could not find a decent bag which is a bit ridiculous really when you think about how much choice stores have to offer.

These pictures were taken a few days ago but as I'm writing this it's New Years Day so Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve - I definitely did, it was all so last minute but it all turned out so well and I had so much fun. I'm not feeling too great now though I have to say!

Wearing: Crop Top - Missguided // Skirt - Topshop // Juju's - River Island // Bag - H&M // Body Chain - Pixie Lott for Rock N' Rose // Flower Crown - Prairie Charms |