Style Icon: Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott is someone who I've always admired. Even though now, her music isn't something that I would typically listen to, I still find myself being in awe of her clothing. Now, her style isn't exactly similar to the clothes I tend to go for but, I find myself being inspired by her whole retro look that she's opted as of recent.

Pixie always seems so well put together and her outfits are always so lovely in my eyes. It is rare that she is seen without wearing garments that are patterned or of colours of various pastel shades. I particularly love the outfit she is wearing in the pictures below, I would LOVE to wear something like it, if only I had the opportunity and the guts - I'm always afraid of looking too garish, but Pixie pulls the look off effortlessly.

Upon looking through her various looks, I felt inspired to create a wishlist of pixie-eqsue items. It wouldn't be a wishlist without me desperately lusting after the items included, they would definitely make my wardrobe look a little prettier, that's for sure!

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Out of all of the dresses featured in this wishlist, my overall favourite has to be the pale pink motel lace shift dress, it's so gorgeous. I like to imagine myself wearing it on a warm spring day with bare legs and cut out ankle boots - if only. 
The fluffy pink missguided dress is so strikingly similar to the outfit of pixie's above, I just had to include it in this wishlist. For some reason, marshmallows come to mind when I look at it, in all of it's dreamy pink glory (with the fluff, of course), and for that fact, it makes me want it even more. 

Continuing with the fluffy detailing trend, this is another one of my favourite pixie outfits, it's so lovely. I'm a big fan of high necks and monochrome outfits so this has it all! I also adore her two necklaces, they are so gorgeous and compliment the outfit so well. Don't even get me started on her shoes! I can't fault this outfit at all, it's all perfect.

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I can envision Pixie wearing all of this, the black and white lace print shorts reminded me a little of the shorts Pixie wore in the previous pictures. 
My personal favourite though, is the matching blue paisley crop top and high waisted shorts. The two piece is making me wish summer would hurry up, it would look so good with a tan and a good old flower crown. 
I was inspired by Pixie's love of matching outfits when I created this wishlist. I myself have been slowly warming to the trend and now I can truthfully say that I see what all the fuss is about. I NEED to own a matching two piece before summertime comes around - hopefully we won't have to wait too long... (I say this with extreme doubt, I do live in England after all).


  1. Her style is so effortless. And those legs!


  2. She does always look so stylish. Love the white missguided dress and motel via asos dress :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  3. I love her style too, she always looks so quirky! x

  4. her style is perfect! I love how she wears high street brands xx

  5. Love Pixie's style! She always rocks pastels and I love that xx

    Emma from

  6. I love her style, its so girly and cute!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  7. she always looks great, love how you picked out items that resemble her style!