Ah. The lack of inspiration I have been under recently has stopped me from feeling motivated to write a new blog post. I hate going through those periods of time where you fail to find the point or motivation in things and so instead you procrastinate and feel shit about yourself. I know even more negativity isn't going to lighten my mood but I just want SOMETHING to get me out of this mindset I've been in concerning my blog. It's not as if I haven't thought about putting up a new post but whenever I actually get round to doing just that I feel that it's SO pointless and useless and so on. I guess it's just a phase, or I hope so. I love blogging and fashion don't get me wrong, a sudden dislike for the topic is not the reason behind this uninspirational speech - I guess I just haven't had much faith in my myself recently and that's caused the spiral downward. 

Anyway, I thought the best way to try and feel inspired again is to take some outfit pictures and see how it goes. My favourite attribute of this outfit is the sort of subdued lime green shirt that I bought off a lovely lady on depop a few months ago, I am actually surprised that I haven't featured it on my blog before since I've been meaning to do so ever since I got it. My favourite way to wear it is through layering, I think it makes such a good outer layer over a high necked top since the colour is to die for. It's faintly patterned lime green  material definitely makes the shirt the most unusual piece I have in my wardrobe. 

Wearing: Shirt - Depop | Jumper -Primark | Skirt - Primark | Boots - Lavish Alice | Bag - Primark |


I WANT THE FLUFF. I never thought I'd be one for adoring the recent trend of furry clothes but here I am and topshop is always a brand which delivers. I especially love the baby pink feather hem shell top, it seems like such a versatile piece, one that you could either dress up or down and I'm all in favour of an item which is worth your money. I also really love the two metallic camis from topshop, the silver liquid cami just screams CHRISTMAS to me and I just love the cut of the cami. I've been on the hunt for a chunky black boot recently and topshop's offering is tempting me, especially with the reasonable price tag of £42.