Traditionally, prom was all about the gown - be it long or short (something which takes form in the second instalment of this prom style post). Recent days however, have seen a rise in more obscure occasion wear. If I were more prepared for the leavers ball I am attending this year, well I should probably say attending THIS MONTH (yikes), I would like my outfit to resemble the exact ensemble that takes the form of outfit number one, specifically. I adore the long pink satin skirt, I have got a bit of a thing for satin recently and to avoid it looking too overdone, I kept the outfit simple and paired it with the ruffled white crop top. Overall I kept to a neutral colour scheme with the clutch and shoes to accentuate the stand out satin skirt which is the focus of the outfit. Instead of the pink satin dream outfit - something which my planning nor budget would have allowed - for prom I am opting for a rather nice red VLabel London dress (considering it fits and looks well, nice of course) but, you'll have to wait for an instagram post to see that in all it's chiffon glory.

Oh and you may have noticed that ASOS was the store of choice for the entirety of this prom instalment and, for a very good reason. To me, ASOS stands out due to it's diversity of not only clothing but it's vast choice of labels and brands too. ASOS offers a wide variety of choice and despite it just being an online store that you may only currently browse for everyday clothing, I would definitely take a look on there if you're stuck on what to wear for prom because no doubt, you will find something which takes your fancy - as ASOS boasts garments to suit every budget.


  1. Such great ideas! I have my senior prom Saturday and these made me excited

    Emma | With A City Dream

  2. I've just made a skirt like those but I'm green for my brothers wedding. I like the two piece look