Farewell to summer I say, with hope in mind that the days of heat shall cease and the cool will commence - after all what's better than a chill which induces both a copious layering effort in form of attire and plentiful hot chocolate? If that thought doesn't fill you with excitement of rainy days and roll necks to come then I don't know what does - September starts and fallen leaves sparks one thing in my books - coziness and the slow building of festive excitement, you can't hold me back now. So, as I wave a happy farewell to Summer and yes, you've been good, exciting and long drawn out - I share an outfit comprised of a favourite find of mine, a tile patterned (is that I thing? Yes I'm going to say it's a thing) off the shoulder crop - which may I add was a bargainous £7.99 from H&M, a God send if you ask me - a treasure I will be no doubt finding a way to work into my transitional wardrobe, baring shoulders in winter is the way to go, no? Oh and where would I be without my trusty scarf-cum-belt, it barely leaves my waist or neck or basically anywhere it can be fashioned into an outfit without looking downright ridiculous, what's an outfit without a little adornment hey? I do try, but apologies in advance for it's future features, may you be sick of the sight of yellow and brown patchwork tiles? I think so yes.

Wearing: Top - H&M | Shorts - ASOS | Denim Jacket - COW Vintage | Shoes - Primark | Belt - Oxfam | Choker - ASOS |


  1. that top is so cute


  2. I'm so excited for Autumn too! Goodbye Summer! :)

  3. Your shoes are insane, love them! Love the outfit for transitioning to autumn.
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

  4. I LOVE the denim jacket!