The jacket of dreams - or so I esteemed it when the new purchase debuted in a instagram post - has been etched to my back ever since said point of purchase - and such was a steal if there ever was one. Outdoing its usual abundant self, the current Topshop sale has been a generous one at that. On the multiple occasions that I just so happened to wander into Topshop, innocent browsing somehow ensued separate scavenges of the sale rail and not once did I surface empty handed - scores of jeans, trousers and earrings a trio were the treasure to be salvaged (much to the dismay of my bank balance, who needs money for uni anyway?). Yet, no find outdoes the jacket - the dream jacket, the very one I first laid eyes on when it hung admirably in Topshop a few weeks back in all its full priced glory, and a tempting lure it did emit back then - but I withheld from such indulgence, wary of impulse and suffice to say that such restraint paid off. Much to my delight it was when a swift peruse of the Topshop sale before bed uncovered that the cropped jacket of dreams had been issued a slashed price tag - a swift foray in Topshop the following day unearthed the 60s-esque jacket in perfect sizing and off to the checkout I went, happy and fulfilled. It had to be told in fairytale depth, okay? I mean just look at the cut of it, ah I am in love.

Following on from my Topshop treasure - the dream jacket and its wondrous tones of orange meets red - pairs fluidly with the vibrant roll neck of akin colour scheme which I attained from the ASOS sale, it seems I can never resist a good sale sweep - and such I am happy for this current season; I just adore the colour of the roll neck enough to forgive its unfortunate art of bunching up above the waist. Oddly enough I have found myself yearning for more vibrancy in my wardrobe of late, particularly shades of the vivid red persuasion, clearly demonstrated in this ensemble - a far cry from my darker, grunge inspired days - maybe said change of flair is down to the autumnal feeling in the air, or the 70s loving I have been so greatly participating in of latter months yet I know one thing for sure - a penchant for the 60s has been budding of recent and if my current lust list is anything to go by it shows no sign of halting.

Wearing: Jacket - Topshop | Roll Neck - ASOS | Jeans - ASOS | Boots - ASOS | Bag - Primark | Fluffy Ball (What do I even call this ha) - Primark | Skinny Scarf - Belt of a Pretty Little Thing Coat |


Sequins, the glittering embellishment which had taken a backseat - left to adorn outdated ensembles and garish party dresses - is making a well rounded comeback. The once much loved iridescent disc reached peak fever pitch in the latter nighties and early noughties - I mean who remembers the iconic sequin hanky top circa Jules in Bend it like Beckham? It's safe to say the that shine emitting sequin had a fair part to play in my childhood and such is reason enough to emphasise the crucial point that is the modern day sequin MUST be done right - one, to evade looking like a typical Christmas/New year shinning disco-ball and two, most importantly - to avoid looking cheap. Take inspiration from the catwalks of Autumn/Winter 15 such as Rodarte - a knee length dress showing just the right amount of skin averts the shiny sequin trio of black, pink and silver from attaining a tacky attribute - similarly, a sweep of opaque hosiery will add a gothic element and seal the ordeal. In an akin yet more silk swish manner, take tips of Alexa Chung and pair a multi-colour striped jumper with a pleated gold foil midi skirt - the length of the season - if you're too afraid to brave the statement sequin, this is the look for you.

ASOS, as it continually does, gave a copious offering when it came to the sequin search - emit Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat vibes with the 'Dazzle Disco Longline Tunic', pair with an off-white roll neck for everyday wearability or go all out, such is also perfect for party wear - you'll stand out at least. 


Roll necks and stripes of the vintage kind - two components high on my dream wardrobe wishlist have been conquered all in one thanks to this particular shimmery gem I acquired from River Island. In typical fashion, I decided to size up to endenger a jumper-esque fit and while the roll neck is certainly not snug - one thing's for sure I needn't think about wearing a scarf come winter as this thing doubles as a thermal neck warmer, practical and pretty - I'm all about that oversized life. 

In a welcomed nod to the onset of autumn I paired the rainbow roll neck with some hosiery, not complete of course without my go-to dress up of late - glittery lurex socks, akin to the shimmer of the stripes no doubt. 

Other items high on the lust list for awhile - a button down denim skirt and black patent mock-croc - the latter inspired by a newfound label love of mine - the effervescent Miu Miu, unite to ensure this outfit as a firm favourite of mine, a curation set to be seen and replicated through the coming months of layer inducing coldness. Decreasing temperatures and gloomy weather is what the double denim's good for of course, I am not yet ready to part ways with my blue rinsed jacket of joy - forever a transitional staple to have at hand. 

The roll necks reign in my wardrobe does not stop there and nor does the newness, if you want to see more of my recent purchases consult my haul video that I have just put up on my youtube which you can view HERE.

Wearing: Roll Neck - River Island | Skirt - Topshop | Socks - Topshop | Shoes - New Look | Denim Jacket - Cow Vintage | 


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Miu Miu, the sister label of Prada known for it's youthful yet simultaneously reminiscent direction may be a little garish for some, myself included until of late - however a change of air in my perception enlightened me to the allure of Miuccia Prada's vivid and striking collections - ready-to-wear and glittering eyewear alike. Maybe it's the daring colour, bold buttons and nostalgic patterns of dots and checks that usually feature so prominently which enables the label to encapsulate such an evocative image collection after collection. The Mary-Jane shoe and a strong, long coat - sometimes paired with a swash of fur - are the recent occurring features of a Miu Miu collection which seemingly define the affair, not forgetting the feminine yet albeit strong pointed approach to tailoring, long drawn out silhouettes armed with frills, statement bags and boots.

With Spring/Summer 16, Miu Miu carried on that effect -  but darker and seemingly with a more masculine approach. Greyscale tones were the base upon which lashings of layering adorned, it was a dress up of sorts - but it worked; button up shirts were paired under knitted tops and delicate sheer frills, detailed patterns and that all important patent accompanied mannish coats and thus the mood was set - this time it's all about the detail. But that isn't to say the essence is intricate, it is instead one that keeps on building, firming the idea that the Miu Miu girl is one of bold independence - not fragility - a sense which is highlighted by the gingham checks of the midi pencil skirt and the darkened approach to appearance. The Miu Miu message is strong yet mysterious also, there seems so much more to be discovered under the guise of the tiered retro styling, art deco embellishments and the newly appointed tiara headpiece of spring summer 16.


Autumn has arrived and so it is apt to welcome a new set of arrivals, this time the subject is set on tie-ups of the pussybow kind.  As displayed on a multitude of AW15 catwalks back in February, my favourite of the batch being Bottega Veneta - it's all in that blush silky shine - the bow is back and reinvented as its sleeker, and undoubtedly more versatile modern counterpart. While the pussybow of current era pays tribute to the iconage of the past, the revived formalwear stands now at more than just that - think relaxed rules and regulations - this time bow-neck attire has gone casual and I for one am all for it - let the tie-up saga reign on.

If you're wondering how to bag a bargain on the bow front, a swift trawl through depop (a personal favourite) and the old classic ebay will have you covered - think vintage pieces etched with low price tags; and what's better than a style steal with the pre-owned attribute of uniqueness? The depths of depop does turn out some wonders - now to just buy the entirety of my bookmarked list - it's practically pussybow galore, I never can seem to resist a little tie-up attire.