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It is an undeniable fact when presented with the pairings of dull and dreary weather, a general sombre atmosphere and the sudden influx of bad news that the bleakest month of the year surrounds us, January. While such may be a cause for many a moping and the lacklustre leaching of moods, I instead turned my desires in search of inspiration - there may be an air of scarcity looming but if one thing is for sure it is that my sartorial stimulus is refreshed and ready to breathe a new lease of life into my wardrobe and ensembles alike.

Never being one to devote to a lifestyle of minimalist monochrome in its all black and white entirety, with the new year afoot a tipping of scales to the other extreme has occurred - I have been induced to a roaring penchant for colour. In particular, the combination of simple, childlike pairings catch my eye - primary colours of yellow, red and blue - the likes captured in the kite-like essence of Sienna Miller's flowing dress, a firm favourite of mine in the frock game. Yet, almost opposingly to the free-spirited fun that such childhood tones ensue, rich iridescent hues of fruitful brightness captured in a sleek swish of silk or satin shine have too sparked my interest. There is something about the illuminating fabric that just oozes opulence and bold elegance while simultaneously managing to radiate an effortless air of cool. Look to Bella Hadid for apt inspiration on that part or alternatively, metallic lame is your second point of call to emulate such an ensemble.

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Lace up longing and a foray of fringing in high-waist and cropped flare form is all but a wardrobe dream for 2016, matched with a 60s essence and florescent light feel, delicate details and subtle but standout accruements is the vibe I aim to adhere to. Take to pairing a striking metallic top with a roll-neck layered underneath for a casual sartorial statement, or make it like Chung and take the metallic midi of the moment and confuse the shine with a stripped jumper of standout stakes - either way, I am certain on changing up my approach to attire.


  1. Love it!

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  2. red statement shoes <3


  3. Love your picks, great wishlist. Happy Monday, girl.

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  5. Loved your wishlist, very mod ;)

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  6. Silver shoes nÂș4 are amazing!


  7. These picks look lovely! That first sparkly top is similar to the one that Selena Gomez wears on her new album cover, 'Revival' I love it!!x