Not being one with a penchant for fairytales of a traditional sense, the made up magic of children's tales may be lost on me but the dreamer in me still lives on through the sense of romanticism and its sartorial counterpart - in all of its ruffled goodness. Although, it is a strange contradiction that ruffles, high-necks and bows are not only considered an airy romantic adornment to an item of clothing but, simultaneously such detail can be likened to the gothic, dark Victorian era (as seen at Topshop Unique). Now, while I am all for both spectrums of the romance vs gothic sartorial gauge - and certainly both elements were at play in Lorenzo Serafini's manifestation however, it was the light, sheer and clean-cut frill which took full, dominating form in his AW16 collection.

However, that is not to say that the collection was all a delight as cream ruffles, pastels and all the frill was offset by opposing opaque tights, low in denier to induce a grunge feeling among the fancy, and in following, leather lookings of patent red and black paired with light rippled fabric in an oxymoron setting - not forgetting that all important yet simple black bow choker, a light but noted addition to the romantic yet still, slightly gothic affair. What this collection in its entirety portrayed is that, even within the darkness, the sheerness of the fabric ruffled ever so delicately that the light romanticism was still evident, even if in a twisted sense. Sleeves of the long variety were also a key element at play at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and whether it be be composed of patent, knitwear or lace, the abundance of the frill remained as evident as ever.

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  2. ruffles can be styled so many different ways! and then there's kinderwhore pioneered by Courtney Love and kawaii as well... the list goes on and on
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