I have a confession of sartorial standing to make, one that almost makes feel like a fraud, what, standing there in a pair of Stan Smiths, otherwise known as one of fashions most favoured style of trainer. Until point of purchase of said athleisure footwear, I had taken a rather adverse approach to remotely anything that emulated the 'sportswear for casual wear' trend and so on. For me, fashion has always translated into my personal style as something more elevated than casual - not to say that what I decide to wear is a forced decision or 'put on' statement - but, I have always gravitated towards feeling structured in an outfit, an ensemble which looks absorbing, layered with depth, because with that brings a shield of comfort - regardless of the actual comfort level of the featured fabric or footwear - as that is something sportswear in my eyes could never possess and so thus, its appeal time after time, had failed on me.

While I would not say that I dress according to current trend or season, it would be foolish of me to state that such does not influence my style at all - especially trends. A more accurate depiction of their hold over my sartorial appetite would be a nit-picking of desires. For instance, before the 60s/70s revival of recent seasons I had not been the least bit captivated or propelled by either era; instead, I distinctly remember thinking as a child when watching a 70s TV programme with my Mum 'how could anyone like 70s fashion, it was AWFUL!' and oh, how such opinion on the decade has flipped from the negative. The same story follows for my adoration of all things 90s a few years back - something which has since died down, replaced by the in-season nostalgia of a different era perhaps? Just maybe. The question lingers, however, whether such love for either decadal style would have flourished without tempting persuasion from both the catwalk and high-street. And, if sudden submission to trainer-gate is anything to go by, trend forecasting may just hold more power over my fashion flings than first thought.

Now, I am certainly not going to be sporting a full-on desire to dress legging clad and sports bra/cap-esque everyday, nor is my wardrobe going to evolve into a trainer haven yet, a little flat lace-up cannot be too damaging to my collection of boots and mid-heeled shoes. It has, after all, taken me four long years of 'sports luxe' (yuck) saturation to somewhat warm to the trend (read: lukewarm, it's still a Stan Smith shoe or nothing) especially given the love for such trend plastered all over fashion blogs. Now, don't get me wrong, there are those who radiate when sporting (lol) the relaxed trend however I, for one, am not one of them - but, I will say a hats off to those who make the fit, ha. So still, my appetite for fashions love of Adidas and Nike may be a short-lived affair, and I definitely cannot see myself lusting evermore over a full-on laid back look - after all, styling trainers - a task some may find the easiest of all - somehow proposed itself as one of daunting manner. HOW, I thought, could I pair trainers with an outfit in such a way that avoided looking ridiculous or plain?

Unsurprisingly, given their proliferated parade on this blog of mine (all about that cost per wear and fashion sustainability of course) I turned to the Topshop cropped flares of dreams in my styling hour of need. Just add the accessory of the moment - fishnet socks (albeit with a very noticeable array of holes, ASOS gloriously came through with a replacement pair though) and the trainer-phobe conundrum is solved. However, do beware, cropped flares with trainers isn't a common pairing I find and seemingly, it can indeed be a match met with feelings on par with marmite. A friend recently proclaimed his distain for the flats and flare combination, but with that dislike, the notion that fashion is something which is different for everyone springs to mind - and that is what is so wonderful about it. Fashion is, after all, an art form and so, there should be no rules - a lack of order makes way for diversity and that is the very thing needed in fashion, without that, what is creativity? I may not like what some people wear, but such is vice versa (clearly) and certainly subjective. Fashion is something which distracts from the mundane of everyday life - a form of self-expression and for that reason among many, it is personal at its very core and that is something which is a freeing, undeniable fact. I could end with many a related Iris Apfel quote here, but what I feel should be especially emulated more often is this, positive gem from the wondrous woman herself ''There's no how-to road map to style. It's about self-expression and above all, attitude."

| Wearing: Roll Neck - Primark | Shirt - H&M | Jeans - Topshop | Jacket - Topshop | Adidas Stan Smiths - Urban Outfitters | Fishnet Socks - ASOS | Bag - Monki via ASOS | Pom Pom (on bag) - Primark | Sunglasses - Jeepers Peepers via ASOS |


  1. Really nice vintage kinda look! :)

  2. I relate girl, I used to be so scared of wearing and styling trainers because they weren't my style but I really love them now! Gorgeous look xx

  3. Totally loving this look!

  4. Love this! Great post babe x

  5. Love this post! I totally get what you mean, I've always been a bit cold towards trainers but I can't get enough of Stan Smiths at the moment! x

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  6. Great post. Well done.
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses

  7. I love styling my trainers in a very different way- the brighter and bolder the better, and I loove wearing them with very feminine skirts and vintage dresses!

  8. Love the jeans!!

    Happy Friday!! Kisses,