Stripes, although a sartorial staple of course, their presence in my wardrobe had somewhat fell short of abundance before old faithful Zara recently triumphed with treasure in the form of pale blue pinstripes. Often referred to as what should be a 'basic' element to any respectable person's wardrobe, stripes had before seemed just that to me, basic. Now, I did not attach the style with such term to define the nautical design as boring in my opinion - not at all - but, the navy and white striped allure had always been lost on me. Sure, I thought stripes were great, how could anyone hate something as simple and inoffensive as stripes? Although, even then I owned one or two alternating block coloured items in various forms (and still do, mind, not that these pieces see much wear now and in all honesty they were never my most favoured of items say two years ago either) but still, the infamous Parisian infused acclaim that is so often paired with the Breton stripe just never seemed to hit the sartorial spot in my view - I mean, a stripe is a stripe, what more could you do with it? Zara it seems, knows exactly how to dress up the old, worn-out stripe. Do as Zara and simply revolve the stripe vertically, add an off the shoulder element and you have my full, lustful attention. On paper, the light blue garment is not too dissimilar from a certain stripped H&M crop top which still inhabits my wardrobe, albeit forgotten. Yet, details are important as ever and it so transpires that thin pinstripes and long, oversized sleeves (intentional upsizing, do note) are the way to my stripe-seeking heart, not bandage bodycon fit of the past. Since Zara has rinsed my bank account dry in pursuit of quenching my stripe shortage, the lure of the simple and never fussy stripe has seemingly strengthened. Whether it be a French Bretton a la Bridget Bardot inspiring a lust for a certain Comme Des Garcons Play top or even, a wish for a navy striped midi skirt, the once given characteristic of basic needn't apply anymore.

Alongside all things striped, blue is another common theme at play in the featured ensemble. Blue stripes, blue jeans and a silky, blue shine jacket makes for an unusually tonal outfit from myself, and one only to be broken down by slight variations in blue intensity and, a little monochrome too. It is worthy to mention that the silky, patterned jacket emulates the pyjama for daywear trend which has been championed by street style and catwalks alike of late. While it certainly is a trend that not everyone particularly 'gets', the relaxed nature of the unstructured, silk silhouette allows for a look which oozes elegance, 70s glamour and unfussed, effortless appeal all in one lush, draped shine of fabric. What makes this emulation even more appealing is the £3 price tag which was etched to the rich blue pyjama jacket when bought from Topshop in it's recent, ever wondrous sale - especially after first lusting after the alluring piece when placed at full priced glory in the high-street store. Topshop has a self-proclaimed reputation for delivering some of my most prized sale finds - and most barglnious - but, I think this luxurious looking blue number may just be my most favourite to date.

Wearing: Pyjama Jacket - Topshop | Striped Off The Shoulder Shirt - Zara | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - London Rebel via ASOS | Bag - Monki via ASOS | Bag Pom Pom - Primark | Sunglasses - Jeepers Peepers via ASOS |


  1. I love the vintage feel to this look, the fit of those jeans is so nice!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. nothing better than grabbing something absolutely fabulous on sale, gorgeous outfit (but maybe next time you could alter the pre-existing top you have instead of splurging on something new!) just food for thought :)

  3. Everything about this outfit is perfect! xx

  4. I adore this girl, that jumpsuit is just fab! x

  5. Perfect staples, I especially like the bardot top for spring x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + House of Fraser Giveaway

  6. I'm loving off the shoulder tops right now, I especially love how you've styled this one! Great post x
    The Style Icon

  7. Such a modern & edgy combo! Definitely will bookmark this for a later restyling ;)

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat