Zara stripes are abundant as ever in my wardrobe this month, amid the pinstriped tops though, a certain pair of strange, tie-up crop trousers have by far out-beaten the rest of the blue hued garments to prime adoration in my heart. It seems that poplin stripes of baby blue tone have somewhat become the Zara uniform of the season, varying alterations of the same print feature on an undeniable akin assortment of garments at the high street store. Take these glorious trousers for example, as perfect as they are in current form, Zara has crafted a number of items albeit to similar effect: straight trousers, plain wide legged trousers, all wonderful yet all strikingly (very nearly) the same. 


Going out-out attire, or, evening wear (with a less formal dress code) is a sartorial classification that I approach slightly differently to casual day wear. Heels of course, are mostly a must - I prefer the block heel, black is effortless as ever and as cost-effective due to its fate to pair with everything and, thanks to the block, durable and most importantly, the most comfortable heel I have found - avoiding the mid-heel that is. Heels are the basis to which I form most of my going out-out outfits upon and if black skinny ripped jeans, aka the only time such skinny is the denim of choice, are not my point of call (usually consisting of a strappy top or bodysuit, see - common pairings in a market saturated with Missguided, it's unavoidable okay?) then, a skirt or trousers it is. For some odd reason that I tend to put down to the one wear and over it routine I accustomed to dresses in the year of 18th parties, I tend to avoid the one strength garment, separates are forever more interesting and, due to their single nature, always need a partner which can gloriously be any number of items, eternally interchangeable and thus you always have a new outfit at hand.