Day two began with a set plan in mind - a visit to the Eiffel Tower and then venture to the Louvre. The heat was considerably stronger than the day before - the sun was out for the most part - something which was particularly welcome for our trip up the Eiffel Tower. You see images of the Eiffel Tower everywhere, it is definitely the one landmark that signifies Paris, it IS Paris - one simple outline of the tower speaks of the city itself. It really was a pretty sight in the day admits the sunlight yet I just can't help but wish I had witnessed the Eiffel Tower in lit up glory at night, maybe next time. We went early, it was still morning as we were queuing up yet there were still a considerable amount of people, nothing of what would be expected at peak summer holiday time though, I imagine. The lifts to the top (there were two) were still packed and very warm, nonetheless yet the views at both levels were astonishing, I have always loved a Birdseye view of a city from a rooftop - there is something so peaceful about hanging above the bustling below and, even better when such is experienced in Paris.


Paris has always been a city that I've longed to visit, if not for the fashion or the beauty of the architecture but because of the absolute adoration that everyone associates with the French capital city. And now with having visited the city in question for a brief yet perfectly pleasing city break just two weeks ago, I can finally confirm what all of the fuss is about. What a dream it must be to live in Pairs, what with all of the utterly stunning buildings let alone their vintage shops and THE FOOD but for me, two full days in the city was all I had to spend - come rain or shine - and I adored every moment of those fleeting 48 hours.