Over a month has flown by since my holiday to Crete in July - the sunny backdrop of these pictures and yet, somehow the time passed feels even longer than such. September is now upon us and with the arrival of a new month, big changes have occurred in my life. 
No longer in Crete - although the heat of a certain city I now reside in does much to rival such - and no longer in Liverpool because as of last Saturday, 3rd September, I now live in London. So indeed, it does feel slightly odd sharing an obviously summer suited outfit yet, with the weather still firmly soaring in the 20s, as much as I would love to be able to throw my faux fur jacket on and be met with brisk, cold air - a skirt right now, will have to suffice.

Animal print has never been a lust of mine, I have never truly understood the frenzy surrounding Alexa Chung-esque leopard print in full effect, maybe a certain cult Topshop skirt would present itself as appealing but never enough to push on a purchase. Missguided in all of their glorious sales however, did indeed tempt on a purchase, maybe it was the price - maybe it was the monochrome variation of said leopard print and its particular resemblance to cow print (an animal print I am arguably more fond of) but either way I was sold - in a-line form of course - the skirt shape of dreams.

Colour Coordination is usually lost on me, I have to admit, and the reason for such trepidation to this certain technique however is not due to complete dislike but instead, due to the particular ways in which it is typically constructed. Obviously, the process of matching colours is usually an intentional act, and thus such intent often leads an ensemble to seem overdone, overworked and in all honestly, a bit tacky in my eyes. Of course I too, carefully consider the articles of clothing I wear each day but overt matching has never been favourable in my book - even that distant fashion foray with co-ords seemed stale to me (unless it is a 60s inspired jacket and mini skirt combination of course) but, intentionally matching orange lace up sandals of dreams with a pair of tassel earrings in a not too dissimilar tone? A dream. The dual orange has a way of matching with the silky sheen of the blue lightweight jacket that makes this ensemble unlike any other constructed before and it really was one of my favourites of the Summer.

| Wearing: Jacket - Topshop | Cami top (Underneath) - ASOS | Skirt - Missguided | Shoes - Topshop | Bag - Monki via ASOS |


  1. love reading your blog :) x

  2. Absolutely stunning! Crete looks beautiful and this outfit speaks for itself x

    |Georgia Megan|