They may be impractical. They may be a magnet for stains. And, I may have to refrain from sitting on any public space while wearing them but, I think I am in love with my white jeans. Influenced by the flock of white denim-wearing women on Instagram, I was taken with the effortless appeal of the crisp, clean jean. The alluring likes of Lucy Williams, Maria Bernad and Adenorah - to mention just a few of my enablers - and their tempting parade of the white straight leg have marked an end to the seven-year dry spell where my life was devoid of the colourless jean.  

In the past, my choice of white denim was constructed of nothing of the latter at all; instead of a wear-in Levi 501, my choice of cut was skinny, with no real denim in sight - if such a jean could even be called such. Picture a low rise waist with loose fitting fabric that bunched at the ankles, worn with a white t-shirt etched with a foil guitar and recoil in horror. It was 2008 okay, and I was still fully immersed in my Hannah Montana phase, judge me.

But with that horror story of my pre-teens long behind me, the white jeans I am coveting now can be found in straight, structured and frayed form. Vintage Levi 501s have my heart, and they are worth the hunt; scout Ebay, Depop, vintage stores and even Asos Marketplace for your fix. I found my perfect pair on a whim, actually, which is something of a rarity. Usually when I am on the hunt for that sole, desperately desired item, a ruthless search is implemented until I find exactly that. In theory, this frantic process did in fact occur but it was particularly fruitless, to my dismay. The reason being is that at the time (which was a mere few months ago) I could not for the life of me locate any suitable non-skinny white jeans on the high street, or Ebay, et al. I was discouraged and abandoned any hope of finding the real life incarnation of the Instagram-prolific denim I had fixated on for months.

And so, cue an unplanned day at the end of my stint of living in halls right next to Brick Lane spent walking rather aimlessly around the area, and such aimless wandering landed my then-flatmate and I in Blitz Vintage. It was a chance visit, a blasé entrance in which I possessed no expectation nor want to find anything in-store. It was my first time at the vintage shop, which is admittedly rather shameful considering I lived a mere 2 minutes from the branch and yet, perhaps such a nonchalant approach is what worked in my favour. In all honesty, the thought of white jeans was not looming on my mind that particularly day, instead I was utilising the spontaneous trip as a method of putting off packing and cleaning my entire room as I was moving back home for summer the following day (something I had not yet even started doing and in hindsight I do not recommended this extreme procrastination, let’s just say I got no sleep) but it just so happened that an appetising rail of white vintage jeans was staring me right in the face. A quick scan of the offerings and two pairs picked and tried on later and there I was on my way to the till with a perfectly fitting straight leg white jean. If only all clothing conundrums could be solved with such ease. 

As with all my vintage Levi 501s that I have purchased, I arm myself with scissors and cut about an inch or so off (depending on length) to not only give a more flattering, ankle-grazing cut to the often lengthy jeans but to also incite a frayed effect. In my opinion, a little denim fraying is certainly an easy way to embellish an outfit, especially when wearing flats.

Now that I had the white jeans, it would have been almost foolish of me to not predictably pair the denim with a Birkin-esque basket bag. Although the woven wonder has also been a common feature on Instagram of late, mine was bought on Depop about two years ago and has only truly seen the light of day recently. It’s vintage Marks and Spencer (or rather, St Michaels) would you believe, and is in excellent condition mind. While I’m fairly confident in the fact that summer dressing is not my favourite (I much prefer long coats, layering and not sweating in my jeans), I have found myself to be fairly comfortable in my newly adapted summer uniform of white denim, basket bag and a effortless top. Perhaps this is due to the clad of L.A cool labels such as Reformation and Realisation Par and their warm weather influence. Either way, you won’t find me changing out of my white denim come Autumn, instead of a halter neck top, I shall dress with patent mac, a Ganni-esque coloured cable knit jumper and armed with my trusty black ankle boots. I may have to tread with caution though, rain puddles are to be treated as the enemy.

Wearing: Top - Topshop Concessions at Oxford Circus | Jeans - Blitz Vintage | Shoes - ASOS | Bag - Depop | Earrings - Topshop |



  1. These pictures are so cute and so are those jeans! I purchased a white denim skirt this summer and was so scared because I knew it was going to get stained wherever I went, white denim looks like good you've just got to pull through the struggle!
    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. i have been so iffy on joining the white denim train, but i think after seeing urs i MUST hop on, this outfit is just so cute


  3. You look amazing! The halter top is so sexy! xo, Susan Greenfield

  4. I love wearing white denim. You look great in your outfit!

    Have a lovely day!

    xx Kris | https://dreamingofpink.wordpress.com

  5. White denims are actually great. They will look good with any top color! Richard Butler Creagh

  6. Loved the outfit, specially the top! You gave great style! :)


  7. I wish I was brave enough to wear white denim! I haven't yet dared aha