It's summer so I should be free right? From University, perhaps, but while the fairer months free me from my studious obligations, they do not render me out of office from my part-time job, one which has since turned into a full time commitment, or rather, copious hours of overtime. I can't complain really, while I'm not serving on the shop floor I'm either sleeping, eating, drinking prosecco by the gallon or basking in the blissful heat that has graced the UK - or all of the above.

I shall refrain from barking on about how I have yet, once again, spectacularly failed to write and publish any posts over a five month period because quite frankly, it's a monologue I've all but worn out by now. Life has been busy and when it hasn't, you will have found me in a nearby park, sunning myself on my cream Ikea blanket and drinking gin out of a can. What bliss. I still contest that there is nothing better than London in the sun. Except maybe the tube. Ok, certainly the tube.

Although people drone on about the heatwave coming to an end (can you even call it a heatwave anymore, what with it being pretty much consistently tropical since April?), everyday I refresh the weather app on my phone and rejoice. Kind of.

Whilst the weather has rendered the commute to work as rather laborious of late, with being packed tightly in a metal tube that can only best be described as a microwave in the humid heat of London, minus the obvious downsides of extreme heat in a city that is vastly devoid of aircon, I haven't a bad word to say about the weather. Besides the fact that the current temperatures across the Globe are bloody worrying to say the least and terrifying at most.

Sure it may be hard to get dressed in the morning, what with my holiday-less past few summers rendering a wardrobe severely lacking in any suitable summer attire, but fear not, as the heavy heat has gave way to several new loves in my life. I have three (ok four) words for you: leopard, legs and fake tan.

Call it contour for the body - self-tan has quickly become my surprising summer staple. While I’ve never been one to shy away from donning my pale legs - especially when helpfully sculpted by heels - regrettably, skirts have been absent from my daywear agenda for far too long. Whatever the reason that held me back from barring it all, my heatwave induced foray into the world of fake tan proved that false tanning needn't be the daunting task my teenage self deemed it to be. Who remembers Fake-tan wipes? Whoever conjured those evil things into existence just wanted people to suffer. But I am happy to declare that streakiness and glowing skin of the bottle variety are not destined to be mutually exclusive after all. Hurrah.

If there’s one sartorial staple that I have sat on the fence about for the longest time, it has to be leopard print. So, no one is should be more surprised than me to discover that I have once and for all put all qualms about the animal pattern aside and decided that yes, I actually quite like that. I blame working in retail. If the same print is swinging in your peripheral day in and day out, in the end, you’re bound to end up loving or hating it, there are absolutely no grounds to remain indifferent on such. And so I caved. I bought the leopard print wrap top and the obsession started from the second I put my card into the machine and punched in my pin, pretty much. There are now a number of leopard print variations hanging in my wardrobe, which in my terms is excessive considering I refrain from purchasing clothing all that often. I typically shy away from prints and patterns et al, for the reason that I often tire of them after several wears but the leopard print is proving particularly hard to shake. I love it, I love it, I love it. Even if my boyfriend may amusingly exclaim that I am slowly turning into Pat Butcher every time I parade my new printed purchase. An alternative style icon? Why not.

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  1. Beautiful look! I too have been missing from the blogging world and if you think 5 months is a long time, try a year and half!!! Loved your post! And you balanced the leopard print very well!

  2. Hope things are going well for you in London gal, I can imagine the lifestyle is so so hectic but if you're happy then that's all that matters. This look is definitely something I've been wearing over these past few weeks, leopard print has always been a love of mine so seeing the high street shops filled with it is kind of great but kind of awful because it's not my lil thing anymore! You look incredible nonetheless, love your posts even if they aren't up as often, I'll still always be a reader!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Yes it is but I have to say I love it! I honestly don't know what's happened to me because I was completely the opposite I borderline LOATHED it and now I can't seem to get enough. Aw thank you Lucy! xx